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Angelina Jolie's Too Busy To Care For Pitt & Aniston Reunion at SAG Awards

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By Stephanie Elmir

Angelina Jolie is too bust to care too much about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's reunion at the SAG awards. Jolie already knows that they've been friends for a while and even if they got together again, it wouldn't be a surprise to her.

Jolie has recently starred in films like Tim Burton's "Dumbo" and "Maleficient: Mistress of Evil", both hitting with pretty big paychecks and box office numbers. Moreover, Jolie still has many more projects to look forward to.

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The biggest project of all is custody of her and Brad Pitt's six children. Even with their resources and money, raising six kids must have their limitations and restraints on a person.

However, for Jolie its most rewarding, saying in interviews many times that they are lights in her life. Now that most of them are reaching their teens, they're gonna need emotional support from mommy. Her ex meeting up with an old flame is probably the last thing she's thinking about.


Gettyimages | Guillermo Legaria

Angelina Jolie became a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF in 2001 and has been dutiful in her philanthropy ever since. In 2012, she was named Special Envoy at the UN Refugee agency, meaning that she works for the organization on a diplomatic level.

Her advocacy for those less fortunate in distant nations continues to be one of her best contributions to society. On top of that, she's working with decision-makers globally, trying to pass legislation to help persons in need. With several refugee crises, she's doing her best.

The Eternals

Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Jolie will soon make her Marvel debut on "Eternals" playing Thena, one of a race of intergalactic superhumans that are heroes for hire. Not only will a heavy Marvel schedule keep her busy, but the schedule for junkets and promotion will double it.

Moreover, Jolie's Marvel contract will most likely keep her committed to convention appearances and autograph sessions, which pay a pretty penny. Not to mention, the Marvel paycheck is gonna be huge for an already sought after actress like Jolie.

Other Projects

Giphy | The Academy Awards

On top of "Eternals", Jolie has three other projects coming out in 2020. "Those Who Wish Me Dead" is about a teenage murder witness chased by two assassins. "The One And Only Ivan" is an animated film following a gorilla and elephant as they escape captivity. And "Come Away" is a prequel to Peter Pan and Alice In Wonderland.

These three films are already in post-production. Therefore Jolie will have her hands tied with promotion, and cannot waste time worrying about tabloid fodder.

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