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Has Hannah A. Already Captured Peter’s Heart On 'The Bachelor?'

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By kenadijiba

With every new season of “The Bachelor” returns a not so anticipated voice over by an extremely dramatic Chris Harrison making a statement that usually employs phrases like “never before seen”, or “ for the first time in bachelor history”. Ironically what usually ends up happening is a repeat of what went on before for 24 other seasons. Usually, the audience can tell who the main course is by episode 3 and everyone just continues to watch in hopes that just maybe things will go horrifically wrong. So, with those desires in mind, it looks as if the “The Bachelor” franchise is not in tune with their loyal fans, and dropped the ball by making Peter Weber the lead.

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The History Behind The Bachelor

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In a random turn of events Peter Weber the average Joe Pilot who didn't cause much of a ruckus on Hannah B.’s season except when it came to the iconic “windmill” moment, won the coveted role. Thousands of dedicated fans were at a standstill because of such a strong push for the seasons undeniable favorite Mike Johnson to become the first black male to be “The Bachelor”. It is a possibility that with Peter’s lack of charisma and persistent strong feelings for Hannah B. the interest for this season could fall immensely. It looks like the only way ABC will be able to revive this slowly dying franchise is through a truly unexpected moment. It’s been done with Colton’s season, and Arie Lundyks as well so all hope might not be lost.

How Will It End

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Since the first 3-hour long premiere aired it is so obvious who the frontrunner of Peter’s heart is. The quirky, bold, and let us not forget drop-dead gorgeous Hannah Anne was the recipient of the first impression rose and had Peter’s eyes rolling out of his perfectly shaped head. Not to mention when they met at the limo arrival and as soon as she left he said “ Oh, I’m in trouble”. I mean if we know anything it is that Peter has a thing for Hannah’s and once he has imprinted on one it’s going to be hard as hell to focus on anyone else. But, in all honesty this show is hard to predict sometimes the public is 100 percent correct and at other times the weirdest things come out of the woodwork. Could things change drastically by week 5? Sure, but as of right now Hannah Anne is bound to be on the other side of a very superficial proposal.

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