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'The Prince,' Animated Comedy Satire of The British Royals Green-Lit By HBO

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By Mario Perez

It is safe to say that Gary Janetti is never one to shy away from controversy. In fact, he is one of those people that is looking to dive feet first right into it. As a writer and producer on Family Guy, it is safe to say that he and Seth MacFarlane have pushed the boundaries quite a bit over the years.

This new show that is being created for HBO Max may just be one that is totally over the edge. Which, is probably at this point what people are looking for.

It Has Been A Long Time Coming

Janetti had actually been hinting at a project is in the works for quite some time. He runs a very popular Instagram account where pretty much the narrative behind the series actually began. The main idea behind the series is to portray the daily outbursts and scandals of the royal family through the eyes of Prince George, the son of Prince Willam and Kate Middleton.

Of course, the series will take a comedic angle towards what is still the most famous and popular family in the world. Apologies to the Kardashians.

An All-Star Voice Cast

It really seems that HBO is going all-in on this series. As many A-listers have already been confirmed to be working on the series.

Orlando Bloom is one of the stars of the animated series and he will play the role of Prince Harry. Allan Cumming and Tom Hollander have also signed for the project. With, Hollander doubling up as Prince Philip and Prince Charles while Cumming will play the role of George's butler. The Queen will be voiced by Frances De La Tour a long-time British actress. While George will be voiced by Janetti himself.

What Can We Expect To See?

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As was mentioned before this is set to be a satirical comedy that is going to try and illustrate the life of the Royal Family through the eyes of the young prince. At this point, though not much is known about sort of the overall tone that the series is going to take.

If there is any indication that can be taken from Janetti's previous work it would be the fact that nothing is going to be off the table. This is probably shaping up to be a highly controversial series that many are going to tune into.

No Word Yet From The Actual Royals

This is not something that is overly new for the Royal Family. They have obviously been portrayed in movies and in television quite a lot. This is also not the first time that they are portrayed in this manner. For a long time, they were portrayed in British comedy shows involving puppets.

The thing is, this show is probably going to ruffle some feathers in the palace. There is an argument to be made that, this one of the goals of the show. So a formal announcement on the matter may come in sooner rather than later.

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