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Lindsay Lohan looks captivating in this off-white dress with pink pearl designs.

Dina Lohan’s Law Issues May Be Affecting Lindsay Lohan’s Return To The US

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For years now, there have been several updates and dramas about celebrities on the tabloids, but somehow, Lindsay has been missing in the center of it all. Surprising. The diva used to be the topic most tabloids years ago, but now, no one is speaking about her. What really happened?

Apparently, the Ariana actress has been living her best life in the Middle East for some years now, and is planning to come back to the U.S. Isn’t that amazing? Well, that’s not all.

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The “Mean Girls” Star also revealed to reporters recently that she will be bringing a lot of projects back to the U.S and fans have to be ready for her.

Fans began to get acquainted with Lohan after she started in “Parent Trap,” and that amazing little child star, is not a grown-up woman in her 30s. It is true, Lohan has accomplished a lot in her career, but she is not willing to slow down anytime soon. The actress wants fans to be on their toes because 2020 will be a blast.


Fans are excited that Lohan will come back to the U.S very soon, but she is not the only one the media is talking about now. Unfortunately, Lohan’s mother, Dina Lohan has run into some issues with the cops and that may affect a lot of things. The 57-year-old has been accused to fleeing a hit and run scene immediately before the cops arrived. No one is sure how serious this issue is, but Dina is not out of the woods yet.


The Lohan women have not exactly been on the same side of the court for a while now, and reports say that this been going on for a long time.

US Weekly reported that Dina and Lindsay’s father, Michael were married for twenty-two years before they decided to go their separate ways. Their divorce, however, was short of simple and smooth as it was publicized and the ex-couple got off on trashing each other online. One time, Michael mentioned during an interview that his daughter, Lindsay would ah e a better life if she stayed far away from her mother.

Lindsay Lohan looks stunning in black leather pant, leopard skin blouse and black suit as she walks by.
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Dina returned the trolling in kind when she accused her ex-husband of some things that wrecked his career. Seeing her parents go off on each other on social media had to have been devastating for Lindsay Lohan, but the actress decided to do better with her life.

Now that her mother is on the front page of many news outlets in the U.S, for a crime, fans are not sure if Lindsay Jr will want to come back very soon.

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