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'American Ninja Warrior' Will Return For Season 9 on NBC

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By Megan Prevost

Everyone's favorite fast paced competition show is returning for season 9 on NBC. NBC stated that they were going to renew the series for Summer. Production will begin in Spring, but the premiere date is still unknown.

American Ninja Warrior is based on a show called Sasuke from Japan, which is on its 37th season this year. That's promising for ANW, but who knows if it'll ever have that many seasons. Thankfully, we get it for at least another round.

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American Ninja Warrior is coveted television. It's inspired people to create their own intense obstacle courses. It's also been a goal of a lot of fitness-focused people, making it onto the show and crushing the obstacle course being their end goal.

We've also gotten to see some celebrities run the course, such as The Try Guys, a group of four guys originally from Buzzfeed, who now run their own company.

There's a fine balance between watching people completely wipe out and watching people dominate, though both are enjoyable. Hopefully season 9 brings us a good mixture of the two.

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Hosted by Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila, and Zuri Hall, the show will travel to Los Angeles, Washingon D.C., and St. Louis in this new season.

Top performers from each location will move on to the final challenge where they will compete against each other course with four total stages. The winner will be awarded the million-dollar grand prize. However, the winner must complete all four stages. If no one completes all four stages, a prize of 100,000 dollars will be given to whoever gets the furthest.

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It doesn't seem like this a show that NBC is going to give up on any time soon. It pulls pretty big ratings and has a decently sized audience. It finds its home in a niche place.

It's reality TV but it's not quite a talent competition like American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance and it's definitely not the same vein as Big Brother or Survivor. It's in its own territory, and that's likely why it's doing so well.

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Who knows what's in store for the next season, or when it'll premiere, but we're excited to see what NBC brings to the table.

Like most years, they're likely going to bring out new obstacles and challenges. We can't wait to see what new tricks they have up their sleeves, and who'll be crowned the next champion.

American Ninja Warrior will return in the summer of 2020, with no exact date yet. As production starts in the Spring, that's likely when the date will be released as well.

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