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The One Thing About Old Disney+ Shows That's Driving Fans crazy

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By Joe Allen

Overall, the rollout of Disney+ was a tremendous success. Baby Yoda became an internet phenomenon, and users loved diving through the history of Disney in a way they'd never been able to before. Unfortunately, there's one major flaw with some of the service's older content that is driving fans crazy.

Although all of those old shows are available, it's sometimes almost impossible to get them in chronological order. That means that some serialized shows have continuity errors when you move from episode to episode.

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The mis-ordering is usually because shows are sorted in the order that they originally aired. That means that if a show aired its episodes out of order during its original run, the episodes are sorted in the wrong order on Disney+.

As a result, some viewers are being forced to turn to fan-run sites in order to figure out what the right viewing order is. Many are hoping that it's an issue that Disney can eventually resolve, saving them a major headache.


While this isn't much an issue for shows like "The Simpsons," where every episode stands alone, it is an issue for the shows the service offers that are meant to be viewed in a definite order.

"The Simpsons" actually had an entirely different issue when it debuted on the streaming service. It was being shown in the wrong aspect ratio, which may not seem like a big deal, but was actually impacting the quality of the show because some visual gags were being cut off.

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Now, Disney has promised to fix that issue, although there's no clarity on exactly when we should expect that fix. When Disney made that announcement, they also suggested that they'd soon be offering new viewing options designed to give people more ways to watch something.

It's unclear right now exactly what those options are, but the statement suggests that Disney is receptive to feedback and working to resolve issues as they arise. The rollout of the product likely required a lot of work from many people across the company.

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Still, the more that Disney is willing to listen to the people using the service, the more likely Disney+ is to grow into the juggernaut that Disney wants it to be. People respond well to good customer service, and it seems like that's what Disney wants to give them.

Whether that means they'll put their episodes in chronological order or not is still up in the air. Disney's already one of the most dominant entertainment companies, but to keep growing, they have to adjust quickly.

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