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4 Times P!nk Spoke Her Mind

Gettyimages | Michael Kovac
By Stephanie Elmir

P!nk isn't the kind of artist to keep thoughts to herself. She's known for being a raucous pop star with the voice of a veteran blues singer. Her brand is an authentic self, in a sea of artists that put on wild personas and costumes.

Now having been in the music industry and spotlight for over two decades, P!nk is still speaking her mind and doing what's best for her. Here are some of the bold statements she's made throughout her career.

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Giphy | The Voice

P!nk recently tweeted about her plans to age gracefully and choosing not to get plastic surgery for any reason. She wrote on how she was noticing the lines and wrinkles in her face, relating to her laughter and smiles.

Moreover, P!nk says her face looks like her daughters, it's a reality and not something that should be hidden. She describes watching television with older women who can't express anger because of the injections and fillers. Her husband Carey Hart retweeted and agreed to be wrinkly together.

Daughter's Hair

Gettyimages | Lester Cohen

P!nk received backlash for allowing her daughter Willow to sport the same hairstyle like her. The hairstyle in question? A half-shaved head, the other half flowing with hair. Posting it on Instagram, P!nk and Hart reminded their followers to not fit into a box and do whatever makes them happy.

In the same vein, after Jessica Simpson received backlash for dyeing her own daughter's hair, P!nk dyed Willow's in solidarity.

P!nk stands up for young girls finding themselves and protecting them from damaging messages.

Paris Hilton

Giphy | P!NK

In an interview, P!nk criticized Paris Hilton for putting on a persona on national television that demeaned women in general. To her, Hilton was using her influence, money, and power to create a brand based on women's idiocy and superficiality.

P!nk also received backlash for this statement, including from Hilton who didn't enjoy being parodied in the "Stupid Girls" music video. It wasn't until this week that Hilton revealed her dumb persona was made for ratings in her reality series "The Simple Life".

Christina Aguilera

Gettyimages | NBC

P!nk and Christina Aguilera created a media storm around their feud during the filming of the "Lady Marmalade" music video. P!nk attributes their feud to their insecurities and immaturity, not having been taught to support other women instead of fighting.

On "Watch What Happens Live WIth Andy Cohen" she revealed that the two women have settled their differences. So much has changed for the two pop stars, now mothers, and at this point, it's better to put away the hate.

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