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Chrissy Teigen on the red carpet

Chrissy Teigen Shares Cheerleading Throwback Inspired by Netflix's 'Cheer'

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By Joe Allen

Since it debuted on Netflix, "Cheer" has been gaining legions of fans for its in-depth documentation of the lives of the coaches and cheerleaders at Navarro College. The reviews for the show have been overwhelmingly positive, and the response from fans has been equally rapturous.

Now, it seems even celebrities are jumping on the "Cheer" bandwagon. As it turns out, Chrissy Teigen used to be a cheerleader, and she announced her love of the show by posting a throwback from those days on Instagram.

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"Watching cheer on Netflix got me reminiscing about how i sucked at cheerleading almost as much as I sucked at doing my brows," Teigen wrote in the caption for her post. "Truly no idea how I made this team. The best part is they claimed there was no JV/varsity but one squad got to cheer for basketball and football and the other (mine) got volleyball and wrestling. I still remember my mat cheers though. Go fight win baby. Go fight win."

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Fans of Teigen were quick to respond to the post. Some were thrilled that she'd watched the show and admired her for posting about it. Others simply talked about how much the show had made them cry.

Of course, Teigen has come a long way since her time as a cheerleader. Now, she's much more focused on modeling, writing and releasing cookbooks, and hosting a wide variety of shows including "Bring the Funny" and "Lip Sync Battle." She's come a long way.

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Of course, Teigen's also had plenty of time to start a family with her husband John Legend. The couple has two children, Luna and Miles. When she's not doing one of those many things, Teigen and Legend also find time to engage in activism, supporting organizations like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

On top of that, it seems as though Teigen also has time to watch Netflix. She's found a way to make her life balance, and that's more impressive than any cheer.


"Cheer" is just one of the many documentary offerings that Netflix has released that caused a great deal of social media buzz. "Wild Wild Country" was a smash hit from the service, as was "Making a Murderer."

Although those miniseries straddle wildly different genres, each one became an almost instantaneous phenomenon across social media. With "Cheer," Netflix has found another winner and captivated millions of current and former cheerleaders across the country. That feat is almost as impressive as Teigen's work/life balance.

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