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Antonio Brown's Music Career Starting Out On The Wrong Foot

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Mario Perez

The Antonio Brown story is one that just continues to leave people speechless. In the past few months, he has gone from a highly respected NFL superstar. To pretty much a punch line of a human being.

His behavior in the past few weeks is questionable to the say the least. By pretty much anybody's standards. The strangest thing is that he has been the one to publicize his own behavior through social media. Pretty much leading to his own demise. This time around though it was his musical performance that grabbed people's attention.

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Before we get to the video that shows AB's debut performance it may be a good idea to detail how we actually got here. AB has actually been working on a musical project for quite some time now. This was actually prior to his issues with multiple NFL teams. Yet nothing had come to fruition until this collaboration that he did with VH1 alumn Stephanie Acevedo.

Who sadly by most account s is one of the few things that can be salvaged from the performance that went on a couple of nights ago.

Saying They Got Mixed Reviews Is An Understatement

Reactions from fans were quick to appear on the post. It is certainly safe to say that they did not disappoint. For the most part, there is actually a lot of support for Stephanie Acevedo. It can be said that she really showed some promise. As far as AB it safe to say that it certainly feels like he has not been on stage a lot.

The problem with trying to look extra cool while holding in microphone is that you still have to speak into it. The fans really let him have it. Most suggested that she should drop him before he tears down her career.

This is Not The Last We Will See of The Duo

As evidenced by several social media posts made on Stephanie Acevedo's account the duo is planning to release a video of their song. There actually may also be more pulling these two together than just music. In that previous Instagram post, Antonio commented: "Make a baby later".

Although no reports have come out at this time about their current relationship status it may not be something that could be considered overly surprising. Speculation will probably startup if they continue to work together.

Is He Getting Back To Football?

Giphy | Bleacher Report

Most people would rather pay to see Antonio on the field than pay to see him on a stage. The reality is though, that this will probably not happen any time soon. It would seem that his previous actions have cooled down the potential interest that any team could have in signing him.

On top of that, he still has some legal issues that are pending. Those could actually garner a suspension from the league. With all of this his best bet may be to actually continue his music career.

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