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'Counting On' Star Anna Duggar Fires Up Fans With Pro-Life Rally Photos

Gettyimages | Kris Connor
By Clark Sparky

"Counting On" star Anna Duggar used her Instagram account on Monday to show off scenes from a pro-life rally she attended in Arkansas on Sunday.

The images and videos showed supporters marching down the street, and featured several shots of kids holding pro-life signs.

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"Verified Several of us enjoyed participating in the local #MarchforLife in NW Arkansas yesterday afternoon. What an encouragement to see many of all ages taking a peaceful and prayerful stand to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. What a gift each precious life is! #prolife #littleduggars," she captioned the post.

Because there are few topics more polarizing in this country than reproductive rights, people used the comments to make their opinions known.

"It’s so funny seeing these comments about people judging and bashing Anna for taking her kids. Everyone had the right to their own opinions but what you don’t have the right to do is judge. I am pro-choice but I can fully respect others views as others should respect yours. We don’t have to agree but we have to be kind!" one fan wrote.

"Thank you for standing up for the most innocent!" someone else replied.

"This makes me so sad. I've yet to see any legitimate, scientific argument for protecting embryos. Embryos are not babies," someone else countered. "And if all you can say to 'prove' they are is something religion-based, you've proved my point. Women should be lifting other women up and supporting their right to choose what happens in their own bodies. If a person is not right for you, that is fine and we all respect it. But please stop trying to set us all back by trying to get the law to dictate what other women choose to do with their own bodies."

"Until every 'pro lifer' is willing to take on the adoption/ fostering of the 'lives' they are trying to save, I can’t take them seriously," another pro-choice fan commented. "The babies turn into neglected, unwanted, or drug affected children/adults/teens- but no one seems to want to picket for their lives or take responsibility for Them after birth!"

"I love the idea of protecting the vulnerable. Let's ban weapon, because they make us all vulnerable. Let's have healthcare for all, because that'll protect the ill. Let's fight the climate crisis, because Australia and the Amazon burning are just the beginning, killing billions of animals and threatening humans. Let's stop single-use plastic, because it's littering our oceans, killing animals. Let's go vegan to protect the animals that dont have a voice either. So much to do to protect the existing lives on earth already. Let's start," another person wrote.

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