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Kim Kardashian Exiting Restaurant with Daughters North and Chicago West

(Photo Gallery) What a Mess! Kim Kardashian's White Couch Ruined After Kids Play With Makeup

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By porschesimpson

It was a quiet Sunday night in the West house, until things got messy. Being that Kim Kardashian has one of the biggest selling makeup brands, KKW, it probably wasn't a big deal for her daughter, North, to play with her products. Although the four year-old loves having her makeup done by professionals like her mommy, she decided to decorate her, Chicago and Saint West's face like Pennywise the clown.

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North West showing off her Pennywise themed makeup
_north.west_ instagram

You've got to hand it to North West, for only be four, she did a really good job; even adding fake blood to her look. Her little brother, Saint, even got in on the action. It was all fun and games, until Chicago, 2, decided to show mommy her makeup. Kim Kardashian went from showing off her daughter's adorable face, to suddenly seeing a red lipstick mark on her white couch.

Kim Kardashian's daughter Chicago gets red liptick on couch
Kim Kardashian Instagram

Oh no! You can tell by the expression on her face that Chicago West knows she did a bad thing. Kim seemed to be heartbroken and tearful that her daughter transferred red lipstick on her spotless white couch while having a little makeup sesh with her siblings. But, if you've watched any of Kardashian's social media videos where she gives an inside look of her home, you know that stain is probably already gone by now.

kim kardashian and family dress up like worms for Halloween
Kim Kardashian instagram

Some of you may be wondering how a four-year-old knows who Pennywise the clown is, because he's such a scary character for children. But, when it comes to getting dressed up for the most frightening holiday of the year, Halloween, it gets pretty serious in the West home. In 2019, Kim, and Kanye got all of their children, and themselves, together to dress up as worms. They were more like, couture worms, but worms nonetheless.


We've all seen North West have a meltdown on many occasions. Do you think one occurred after her sis, Chicago, smeared lipstick on the couch? Is it wrong to admit that these moments make Kim Kardashian seem more human and relatable? So, what do you think happened after the makeup mess? The kids had to go nighty night or were a 24-hour cleaning crew called to get the stain out as soon as possible? Let's face it, that couch probably cost more than the average worker's bi-weekly paycheck. Therefore, I choose options one and two. I guess we'll get the answer when Kim posts another at-home video to Instagram, which I'm sure will happen in 5...4...3..

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