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Surprise! New Music From Adele Is Coming This Year

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By Mimz

It seems like just yesterday we were all crying our eyes out to Adele's heartbreaking, smash record, "Hello". But in reality, that was five years ago. Five. Whole. Years. But fear not. According to Adele's manager Jonathan Dickins, her new album is set to release in 2020. Now, the 31-year-old has suggested that new music was on the way a little while ago to only then NOT release anything. But, confirmation from her manager has to be the real deal right?

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How soon is soon?


Music moves quickly these days. With social media and the ability of things to go viral, musicians are doing all they can to get and keep the attention of fans. It's getting harder and harder, with some artists releasing two projects in a single year or multiple singles every few weeks.

But not Adele. Even back in the day Adele never rushed her craft, with there always being at least a two year gap in between her album releases. She appears to be pushing this boundary with each and every release.

The "sooner the better"

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One could argue however that an artist like Adele can do this, though. With all of the accolades and chart-topping songs, Adele doesn't really have to worry about gaining and keeping an impatient crowd's attention. She's already developed a long-term and dedicated fan base.

However, her manager told Music Week that “the sooner [it comes out] the better". Honestly, that's fine with us. A lot of people were beginning to put Adele in the same category as Rihanna, a category that could be titled, "Musicians That Will Never Release Music Again, But That You Wish Would".

So... What Has Adele Been Up To?


Even though she hasn't put out any music, a lot has happened in Adele's life. The 31-year-old divorced her husband Simon Korecki, an event that prompted fans to believe that we'd be getting music even sooner. Speaking of happenings within the love department, she's also rumored to be dating British rapper Skepta.

Also noticeable has been the singer's dramatic weight loss. She's adamant that the weight loss isn't about just getting "skinny" but about getting healthier for her son. This point is being proven even more by the rumors of the diet that she's on, reportedly something called the Sirtfood Diet, and statements being made from her previous personal trainer that also claim she wanted to change her lifestyle for the better.

Get Ready to Cry


We haven't gotten this strong of confirmation of new music in a very long time. It's safe to say that the verification from her actual manager is real and that we can all finally get our hopes up. Adele has proven to be one of the most legendary voices of our time so I'd say it will be worth the wait. Prepare your tissue boxes now, everyone. Let's all just hope that she doesn't wait until December 31st to release the album.

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