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Who's to Blame for the Royal Exit of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

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By Mimz

Upset. Praise. Questions. Acceptance. Everyone seems to feel some type of way about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry deciding to step down from their royal titles and find their footing outside of the kingdom by being financially independent. Although there is sure to be private information and conversations that prompted this decision, the media coverage of the couple, specifically Markle, seems to be at the center of the blame. Since the couple went public with their relationship there has been hundreds of articles detailing their every move, and some haven't been all that pretty.

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Has Media Treatment of Markle Been Unfair?

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Meghan Markle's entry into the royal family did not come without difficulty. Everything from her existence as a biracial woman to familial drama between the actress and her dad was up for grabs by the media. She faced flack from the public who deemed her unworthy of royalty and there were even rumors that she wasn't exactly warmly embraced by other members of the royal family.

Safe to say, the media had a field day. It wasn't long before people began to notice the differences between headlines and articles about Markle and other royals like Kate Middleton. Where Middleton holding her pregnant stomach was "sweet" outlets saw Markle doing the same thing as "prideful" or unnecessary.

We Should've Seen This Coming

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From the engagement to the wedding and after, the royal couple stayed in the news - for better or for worse. Not only did the average Twitter user appear to notice the harsh treatment of the two but others in the spotlight have as well. "The Five" panelist Greg Gutfeld completely blames the media, saying, "It’s another facet of life that media ruins." He continued, "You can’t have nice things with the media. They ruin royalty. They ruin everything. I hate you, media."

Maybe all of the cruel treatment of Markle should have prepared us for the unconventional path that her and Prince Harry have decided to take. After all, there is now a child in the picture.

Family Over Everything

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Prince Harry seems to be very protective of Markle and his new family. Some of the public feels he has every right to be after what happened to his mother, Princess Diana, who was killed in a car crash while the driver was attempting to escape paparazzi. The departure is a bold move to make, but not one that seems too far-fetched when you think of the events that have led up to this moment. In order to take some of that blame off of Markle of their royal departure, Prince Harry has been speaking out and boldly about their decision.

What Happens Now?


So, what does the royal family think of all this? Reactions have been mixed but it appears on paper everyone seems to be playing nice. Queen Elizabeth said that they are "entirely supportive" of the couple's decision and with her blessing, maybe a new start is possible.

There is even talk that Markle is getting back into acting. It looks like the future is looking much brighter for the two following their groundbreaking decision and hopefully, this will mean more meaningful and diverse coverage of the ex-royal couple.

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