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Kim Kardashian West

Here's Why Kim Kardashian West Doesn't Care About People Criticizing Her Law Reform Efforts

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By Carolyn B.

The Kardashian family are not without their detractors. It seems like the famous siblings face new backlash and criticism every day. Kim Kardashian West recently caught flak from social media followers who thought she wasn't doing enough to help provide aid for the Australian wildfires, for example.

Well, Kim is well aware of these comments and how some people tend to see her. But she isn't going to let that affect her life. Especially not where her prison reform efforts are concerned.

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Fighting The Good Fight

Kim Kardashian and Alice Johnson
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Kim has been working hard to free people given harsh prison sentences for petty and first offense drug possession for quite some time now. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star made waves with a visit to the White House to advocate for the release of 64-year-old Alice Johnson, who was given life without parole for a drug trafficking charge.

The media mogul's efforts have proven to be successful, Alice and several other inmates Kim has advocated for have been released.

Back To School

Kim Kardashian West
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After finding such success, Kim has expanded her efforts, recently enrolling in law school to better learn how to navigate the system. The reality TV star has previously spoken up about the long hours and hard work it takes to make it through these classes but has said the cause is worth it.

Apparently, Kim has quite a knack for law and social justice. Attorney Marty Singer has previously described Kim as "inquisitive" and said she seems to really understand these "complicated issues."

A New Documentary Will Drop Soon

Kim Kardashian West
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Kim has been working on a documentary series that should help to show the inmates' point of view as they struggle with their sentences. Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project -- which will begin airing on Oxygen April 5 -- will also share an inside look at Kim's fight to see these inmates released.

The 39-year-old wife and mother was present at the Television Critics Association panel on January 18 to talk about the project. She said she was not doing the series "for publicity" and that she believed viewers could learn empathy from watching the subjects of the documentary. Kim also described herself as being able to stand up to criticism and noted how much this cause means to her.

It's In Her Genes

Robert Kardashian
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Kim credits her father with her interest in law, presuming her passion might have been secretly waiting to be unleashed all along. The reality TV star said her father, attorney Robert Kardashian, would have sign contracts for everyday things, like washing her car and filling it up with gas. She also admitted to sneaking in his files for the O.J. Simpson case to read the evidence, which she noted she should not have been doing.

The mogul may be spreading her passion on to the next generation. Kim recently revealed photos of a recent White House visit where she brought her daughter North West to help fight to for prison reform.

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