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Did Taylor Swift Have Justin Bieber Kicked Out of a Gym?

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By Mimz

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber haven't always had a tumultuous relationship. The "Baby" singer actually opened for Swift back in the day and the two kept it relatively cordial. However, drama involving Kanye West and Scooter Braun, who is Bieber's manager, and a rocky relationship between Bieber and Swift's best friend Selena Gomez turned things sour very quickly.

Even still, there hasn't been an extremely dramatic, or more importantly public, display of their dislike for one another. But it looks like that might be changing soon.

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Why do these two hate each other?


A lot of this feud kicks off with the friendship between Taylor Swift and "Lose You To Love Me" singer Selena Gomez. Gomez is an OG member of Swift's squad and even when the popularity of the "squad" fell apart, Gomez stayed by Swift's side. It goes without saying then that Swift was not happy with all of the heartbreak and turmoil that Justin Bieber appeared to be putting Gomez through. However, none of these feelings turned extremely public until drama ensued with Bieber's manager Scooter Braun, who purchased Swift's masters last year and caused a media frenzy when a verbal social media war commenced between the two.

Wait, who said what?


Swift appeared to be heartbroken over the situation and it seems like the rest of the world took her side, with Braun pleading with Swift to have a private conversation after his family began receiving death threats. It's no surprise who's side Bieber took, and after a few sketchy past comments from Bieber regarding her feuds with celebrities like Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian, it didn't look like Swift and Bieber would be mending any hard feelings any time soon. Even though they have yet to have any extremely harsh public exchanges, it's easy to see why the two don't have the best relationship and why things could potentially get worse. And that brings us to a gym in Los Angeles.

Get Out, Bieber

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It's not strange for a celebrity to shut down a place for a little privacy, whether it be a store for shopping or a restaurant and that's exactly what T. Swift did. Apparently the songstress wanted to have a private workout session and therefore rented out a gym in LA to make it happen. Coincidentally, Bieber happened to be working out at the same gym and when him and his team were asked to leave along with everyone else, they apparently didn't take it too well. According to TMZ, Bieber's security team said that he was going to stay and finish his workout before leaving.

So... the Drama Continues?


Based on this interaction, it appears the drama is only going to get worse between these two. Justin Bieber just released his new single, "Yummy" and appears to be stealing a little bit of the spotlight away from Selena Gomez who also had a major comeback with her hit single, "Lose You to Love Me" and new album, "Rare". Swift can't be too ecstatic about that right?

Also, celebrities always tend to end up in the same vicinity as one another and with award season upon us, we may get more news-worthy interactions between these two.

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