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Porsha Wills looks stunning in this low-cut dress with her signature blonde hair strolling on her face-line.

Dennis McKinley Is Still On Probation After Reconciliation With Porsha Williams

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By Favour

Porsha Williams has been the subject on different tabloids recently. Some see her as a straight woman who is putting her daughter’s best interests at heart, while others see her as completely wrong for taking back her fiancé, Dennis McKinley. Months ago, it came to the attention of the singer that her fiancé was having an affair, while she was pregnant. This revelation not only shattered her, it brought an end to their marriage plans in January 2020, which fans were excited for.

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After finding out the truth about the affair, it took a while for Williams to get back on her feet, but she did so with the help of friends an family. She also had the love of her little one, so it did not take long for her to regain herself.

After a while, Williams announced that she and McKinley were getting back together and this brought about an uproar on social media. Several fans were not happy that she made this decision, but it was not theirs to judge.


Some couples find a way to get around one partner cheating, but it takes a process. Some processes may be long, while some may be short. Whatever it is, the important thing is for both parties to get to the point where they can trust each other blindly again.

For Williams coming back is not the point, but getting to stay together is pretty important. The reality star who was recently hosted on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” talked a little about her rend where it is leading to presently.

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The host of the show asked Williams how things stood in her relationship presently, and she explained that it is a work in progress.

“You know we are working on our relationship. I think every relationship is a work in progress. We have a daughter together and just pray for us.”

The couple were reportedly in a good place after they reconciled, until new rumors started spreading in social media. Some sources alleged that McKinley was seen walking into a restaurant with a number of women on different occasions.

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According to these sources, none of the women was his wife and they were also flirting with one another. This alleged accusation came at a wrong time and fans are beginning to think that is why there is friction in their relationship.

It may be difficult to go back to the way things were before the cheating scandal, but one amazing thing about this couple is that they are willing to try again. Not for the sake of themselves alone, but for the sake of their daughter.

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