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New Jersey Woman Murders Husband With Nail Clipper File

Gettyimages | Floortje
By Ben Robinson III

Most people think of nail clippers as an instrumental grooming tool that should be kept in the house primarily as a routine for beauty. And one of the most neglected pieces of nail clippers is the sharp nail file embedded within. When used properly the file can aid in a routine to keep nails clean, clipped and tidy. However, apparently they can also be used as a deadly weapon. This was the sad turn of events which transpired for a couple in New Jersey.

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courtesy Cumberland County Jail

According to Perez Hilton there was a series of unfortunate events which took place inside of a mobile home in New Jersey between a young couple that ended tragically. And the weapon of choice was the aforementioned nail clipper file.

Axel Torres was found lying covered in blood in the early morning of January 12 outside the mobile home he and his wife Katheleen Ayala (above) shared in Millville. According to multiple reports, the 35-year-old had been stabbed and was unresponsive.

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Unfortunately what happened between Ayala and her husband was not supposed to lead to his untimely demise.

During an interview with police, Ayala allegedly admitted she stabbed her husband with the sharp metal file that came with a set of nail clippers. But she insisted she didn’t mean to kill him, according to an affidavit of probable cause, and claimed she “only meant to scare him.”

All of this drama stemmed from a bunch of arguments that began pretty tame but eventually escalated out of control.

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Officials say the couple had been fighting inside their trailer when Torres reportedly walked out the door; Ayala reportedly followed her husband and chased him with the clippers throughout the Country Meadows mobile home park. They eventually arrived at a wooded area, where police say she began to stab him.

Friends of the family offered assistance in what transpired that made things turn so ugly between the couple, and it appears it was a lovers spat that unfortunately took a huge turn for the worse.

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Detectives said Wilfredo Martinez and Loukeysha Candelario, who were identified as “family associates to the victim,” told them the victim and Ayala got into a verbal and physical altercation earlier that night. Officer Kimberly Hall stated: “Shortly after the altercation, the victim left the residence at which time Katheleen went after him and she came back a short time later requesting help to go find him.” During the attack, Torres suffered a stab wound to his left leg, in addition to injuries to his feet, hands, and shoulders.

Ayala is currently awaiting sentencing.

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