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Blac Chyna Accused Of Child Neglect By Rob Kardashian

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By kenadijiba

Whenever a player decides to date a girl who has a band of brothers to back her up the disrespectful antics suddenly seem to quiet down. That stereotype definitely puts fear into young men's hearts but beware naive future girlfriends. A squad of fierce overprotective sisters can be just as menacing. This theory has been proven by Robert Kardashian and the depressing saga that is his contemptuous relationship with Blac Chyna. Most recently Rob Kardashian came out with shocking accusations against the mother of his child Blac Chyna concerning her parenting with his sister Khloe Kardashians seal of approval.

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A Toxic Relationship


From the genesis of this doomed to fail union between Chyna and Rob to now, there has not been a shortage of controversy. The perceived awkwardness stemming from Kylie Jenner starting a relationship with Chyna's baby father Tyga, and then Chyna moving onto Rob and having a child it looks like this familial square of confusion and backstabbing has to be one for the books. Honestly, how do these family dinners go down. There has to be some treasure trove of damning hidden footage over Kim letting it rip on how much she dislikes Chyna, or of Khloe going in on Kylie for her peculiar choices of partners. What is obvious at the end of the day is the complete disregard over Rob and his feelings in general.

An Army of Siblings

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Not unlike millions of other siblings there is this unhealthy understanding that hey, I can call my brother a loser but once anyone else does it then it is automatically game over. This is Rob’s life story and now Chyna is about to pay big time. His out right accusations of her being a drug addict, neglecting their child, partying incessantly, and allegedly putting her desires above her daughters needs are hefty. His now fight to obtain complete custody over Dream will be a bloody one. The leverage his family has in this social media playground could have an effect in the courtroom, and with Chyna's outbursts recorded on reality t.v. Rob might have a hand in this game. How Chyna will combat this isn't too clear as of right now. Could they settle this whole situation behind closed doors? We don't know, but with the Kardashians most of the time everything must be publicized and whatever looks to be a possibly “juicy” moment has to be capitalized on even if it is to their detriment. Hopefully, this quarrel can be resolved with a quickness for their daughter's sake.

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