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Who Really Killed Martin Luther King Jr?

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By kenadijiba

Martin Luther deservedly last name King has to be one of the most beloved, iconic, and culture shifting pioneers of all time. The steps he took as a black man to speak out unapologetically for the benefit of society as a whole took immeasurable strength and consistency. Prophetically it is haunting how during his graceful speech etched into all of our hearts about having this “impossible” dream that now has in many ways come into fruition subconsciously knew that he might not be alive to see it. His intuition telling him this is of no surprise due to the invasive surveillance brought upon him by the FBI’s controversial director J. Edgar Hoover, and of course racism.

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How MLK Jr. Affected The Masses


As we all were required to sit in our uncomfortable chairs while in the torture zone that was middle school, and opened up those decade-old history books to the coverage of African American History in the United States one of the pinnacles of a lot of the depressing tragedies was Martin Luther King Jr. His nonviolent kind soul could be felt through the leafy pages, and his effect was clear just by looking up and seeing the various shades of people surrounding you. Not only is his presence palpable but his sacrifice is also always felt. So, who killed him? What was the true motive and is there an ounce of truth to the hundreds of conspiracies.

History of Assasinations


There seems to be a historical debt to be paid when speaking out against injustice which usually ends up being someone’s life. The connection between assassinations and game-changing leaders cannot be denied. To just name off some poignant figures we have to shine a light on John. F Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Malcom X., and Abraham Lincoln. What all these dynamic men have in common is their determination to change the status quo in the face of adversity. But insidiously there looks to be an agenda of keeping these innovative minds at bay. The involvement of the government in past instances of not wanting there to be shake ups in the social sphere could prove to be a motive. Also, most of the men who were charged with these murders have publicly stated that they didn't commit the crimes and are just the scapegoat.

His Legacy

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Specifically, with MLK Jr. it has been revealed that his family actually made the government take responsibility for his death and won. If we jump to the murder of JFK's killer which happened abruptly and on live t.v. many saw the act as questionable too. What were they trying to hide? Did the government put him up to this retaliatory act on behalf of the U.S. At the end of the day it is unsure if we will ever be gifted the answers of why and how. But, what is clear is somewhere in the middle of the noise there is the truth and maybe somewhere as the general public we have hit the nail on the head. At the end of the day despite all this uncertainty we do know that MLK Jr. will not only be remembered for today but he will continue to be remembered for generations upon generations with a persistence and a fondness like no other.

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