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Rihanna is Now The Most Eligible Bachelorette

Gettyimages | Samir Hussein
By kenadijiba

Once every millenia is the world lucky enough to witness a Goddess like Rihanna back on the market. Right now this barbadian legend is the world's most eligible bachelorette. But the question a lot of people are asking after taking the appropriate time to dream about the “chance” they could never have, is why? What happened with her and longtime beau Hassan Jameel. How could such a picture perfect couple that from all accounts maintained such a high level of privacy after 3 years together all of a sudden call it quits.

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The Breakdown of The Men In Her Life

Giphy | Chris Brown

When you sit down and break down the relationships Rihanna has had in her life there is a sea full of issues to carefully unpack. Her two most notable relationships to date have to be with sensitive sally Drake and troubled past lover Chris Brown. Both relationships had reputations for being toxic and downright dangerous. As we all remember with great shock and sadness the moment in time when everything stopped and the news broke with that mind searing picture of Rihanna beaten ruthlessly by Chris Brown burned into all of our hearts, it is obvious that Rihanna has been through so much. Not to mention her alleged rejection of Drake and his continued romantic advances that would come off painstakingly corny. Earlier this past year when her two exes came together to collab on a very popular song “No Guidance” people sympathized with Rihanna on how disrespectful the whole situation was. So, when you look at her past with these controversial figures and compare them to Hassan it appeared as if finally Rihanna had found her soulmate.

Desire For Marriage


Hassan was everything Drake and Chris were not. He was a class act who is universally known for his philanthropy and business literacy. He was educated and had an alpha male strength about him that didn't come off as intimidating but more so sexy. This aura coupled with Rihanna's prowess should have only been a recipe for the power couple of the century. But, everything that glitters is not gold. With Hassan being basically Middle Eastern Royalty and Rihanna being the liberated carefree powerhouse that she is, there could have been a deep culture clash between the two. Rihanna also let it be known that she has a desire to have kids and she wouldn't be against marriage. After 3 years together it is unusual that someone wouldn't put a ring on someone like Riri’s beautiful finger.

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