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Salma Hayek Stubbs in this green shiny knee-length dress with a pink clutch and black sandals heel to match.

Salma Hayek’s Experience With A Monkey Will Leave You Horrified

Gettyimages | Vittorio Zunino Celotto
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When people disclose their experiences with Monkeys, especially the unfriendly ones, it almost sounds like a lie. However, not all stories are false as there are several people who have had devastating encounters with these creatures. Some people say that an animal can only be aggressive when it is afraid of something, but if you know who Salma is, you would know that she is a sweet and amazing woman. The actress recently revealed her ordeal with the jumping creatures, and it will almost bring you to tears.

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When it comes to being in awkward situations, Hayek is in the master class. From her first kiss to signing up for Botox fuller, the actress is not in slow motion. Adding to the list of weird situations she has found herself in, the actress talked about her encounter with a Monkey. Some may say that her story is funny, but if you were in her situation, you would also feel scared and horrified. Find o it more about what went down with the actress and the Monkey below.


Hayek was the producer for a film titled “Frida” in which she also starred in. The film was centered on a Mexican artist known as Frida Kahlo. The film became one of the biggest on the big screens after it won in six categories at the Academy Awards. Hayek also bagged a nomination for Best Actress for the role she played in the movie.

While shooting the film, Hayek came face to face with a Monkey which she thought was her friend.

Salma Hayek looks dazzling in purple overall dress and matches it with a gold heel sandals.
Gettyimages | Daniele Venturelli

Speaking to Vogue during a photo shoot, Hayek mentioned that though she and the Monkey looked friendly in the pictures, they were almost enemies to begin with. She explained that while she was on set for “Frida,” the Monkey, naked Tyson, attacked her several times. She also explained that it left her with injuries that she wished she did not have.

Although they had started off on the wrong foot, Hayek mentioned that she still wanted to work with the Monkey.

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“I was severely injured, but I was brave enough to let him come back and work again in the movie and then I still did a photo shoot with him for Vogue afterward.”

Salma Hayek Pinault is a Mexican-American actress, who has shown to the world that she does not have any intention of slowing down in her career.

Presently, she is about to release another personal film titled “Like A Boss,” and fans can not wait to see it on the big screens.

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