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Meghan Markle's Friends Who Have Supported Her Journey

Gettyimages | Gotham
By Stephanie Elmir

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry separate themselves from the royal family, they must trust in their friends to keep their secrets. It's hard enough when the entire world is trying to get up in your business all the time.

That's why Markle only surrounds herself with the best and badest gals. Most of them extremely successful, understanding of her privacy, and more than willing to keep their mouths shut. With friends like these, Markle and Prince Harry can have a piece of mind.

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Serena Williams

Giphy | WTA

Best of friends since meeting at the 2015 Super Bowl, these ladies have been quietly supportive of each other. Even though they lived in completely different parts of North America, then eventually whole oceans away from each other, the duo stayed in touch.

Williams was reported to have dropped 83, 000 dollars on Markle's baby shower in New York, and was also invited to the royal wedding prior. Now, with reporters hounding Williams for info on the fleeing couple, she gracefully tells them off.

Amal Clooney

Gettyimages | Chris Jackson

It's a mystery how Markle and Amal Clooney became such close friends, but it's not surprising. Both women are incredibly intelligent and compassionate. Their philanthropic natures always lead to helping the less fortunate and finding more ways to stay socially and politically active.

Amal and George Clooney were both invited to the royal wedding, stunning as a handsome couple. Now, Markle and Prince Harry have spent several vacations with the Clooneys, visiting their luxury villa in Lake Como. The Clooneys are most likely loyal in their silence.

Jessica Mulroney

Gettyimages | George Pimentel

Best friends since before meeting Prince Harry, Jessica Mulroney met Markle during her "Suits" days. The two quickly became friends and started going to the same yoga classes, hairstylist, and manicurist. Attached to the hip, the two eventually started "The Tig" where Markle put up lifestyle posts based on Mulroney's style and presence.

Now, Mulroney is still Markle's stylist even after shutting down "The Tig". Mulroney will no doubt stay at Markle's side and avoid the press and tabloids diligently.

Priyanka Chopra

Giphy | Baywatch Movie

Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle became fast friends at ELLE's Women in Television dinner. At the time, Chopra was starring in "Quantico" while Markle was on "Suits" and hit it off right away. Ever since that dinner, the two kept up with each other and tried to meet whenever in the same location.

Chopra was also invited to the royal wedding, and also became friends with Jessica Mulroney and Markle's "Suits" co-star Abigail Spencer. This powerful group of women will never reveal Markle's secrets.

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