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Taylor Swift Kicks Justin Bieber Out Of The Gym

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur/TCA 2011
By Mario Perez

A lot of times stars seem to have certain problems that many of us "normal people" would seem to never understand. Then there are certain situations where everyone can relate to what is going on. This is where people start taking sides.

In this beef, there is an issue between Taylor Swift who is very close friends with Justin Beiber's-ex Selena Gomez. Taylor was apparently with Selena through it all. From the cheating allegations to their on-again-off-again relationship. It can be said she does not care for Beiber all that much.

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The Feud Is Not New

This Instagram post dates back to June of last year. The two stars were taking shots at each other because of an issue with a former manager of Beiber's. Who, was throwing shade at Taylor Swift and even making some pretty nasty threats.

At the time it was said that Beiber was complacent in the situation. The thought was though where actually Beiber's words spoken through someone else. This sparked an all-out social media war. Where a lot of fans got involved to throw some hate out on both sides of the argument.

The Gym Incident

What happened this time around was much more of a public situation. Allegedly Beiber was just going through his regular routine in an L.A. gym. When Swift rolled up and was set to put it in her own workout.

The thing was that Swift had booked the entire gym for a private workout. This meant that all of the people at the gym at this time we're asked to leave. This obviously included Beiber. Who of course was not at all happy with the situation. After a couple of words with Beiber's personal security, the singer left the building.

Was This Premeditated?

With all of the baggage that the Beiber-Swift relationship has accumulated over the years, there is a lot of speculation that this was a premeditated situation. Where Swift deliberately just wanted to screw over Beiber. Especially in the wake of new back and forth shots taken through their lyrics between Selena Gomez and Bieber.

Premediated or not there is a lesson to be learned here. If you happen to treat one of Taylor Swift's friends bad you really should get ready because some payback is probably coming your way!

What is Bieber Doing At This Gym Anyway?

Giphy | SHOWTIME Sports

Of course, it wasn't like Bieber was at any old gym. The incident took place at Dogpound Gym in West Hollywood. This is not exactly the local fitness center where anyone could just pit in a workout.

Yet, it may not be where you expect to see Justin Bieber. Especially when he has friends like Floyd Mayweather and others who could invite him to their gyms for a proper workout. It is probably safe to say that the Dogpound gym has lost a customer.

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