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Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison Says How His Show 'Bachelor' Has Made Him a Better Man/Father

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By Alan Blake

Chris Harrison who has been at the frontline with soulmate-seekers for the last 18 years alleges to have become a better man thanks to the show. Speaking at the winter press at the Television Critics Association, Harrison, 48, claimed that the show has made a staggering impact on him, shifting him to becoming more of a counselor to the suitors and contestants on the show. According to ‘The Bachelor’ host, he was only about 90/10 or 80/10 percent a host when he started 18 years ago.

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Harrison knew he had to earn respect and trust first. Over the years, he has been through a lot of life experiences, and people got to see and hear through the word going around on the ‘Bachelor’ that he is reliable and worth trusting. Throughout his career, Harrison alleges to have never thrown anyone under the bus since no one deserves that. That way, Harrison has become a friend and confidant to most people, and now stands at about 75/25 percent of the friend and confidant, with 25 percent possibly being show production and hosting.

Chris Harrison
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Harrison, who is a dad to two, revealed he has learned not just from the experiences of life away from the popular programs, but by living through the emotional predicaments faced by the people on the show as well. He argues it is an apparent phenomenon to live and age on the show while going through the experiences, seeing people develop a yearning for the show every day, and learn. The lad equates the show ‘The Bachelor’ to a currency that runs around the globe. In his words, people understand companionship and wish to have it, which makes Harrison the best person to render an ear.

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He considers himself a wise man who looks at issues in different perspectives and processes the various elements of the item before making judgments. In his thinking, people tend to be quick in crushing people. Citing an example with Chad Johnson, Harrison claims his style would instead focus on aspects to understand Chad. As such, his approach would be to understand what makes him right, the reason behind him being the person he is, understand his life, his family, and what drives him towards wanting to break up relationships.

Chris Harrison
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Chris Harrison’s claim could be valid going by his Instagram post. The renowned host shared a photo of him and his eldest son, who according to the post, just joined Texas Christian University. Joshua who is the firstborn in the family of two children became a horned frog, and his father had never been that proud, taking to social media to congratulate the son. According to the University’s Lacrosse Instagram account, Joshua is all set to join the team, and they also congratulated and welcomed him.

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