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Netflix Looking To Work With The Dukes of Sussex Post Megxit

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By Mario Perez

Ever since the news broke that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were looking to step back from being "active" members of the royal family there has been a lot of speculation about what they were going to do next.

They have openly expressed their wishes to stop getting money from British taxpayers. Since Meghan's former profession was in the entertainment business many big companies are looking to get a chance to work with the couple. Netflix is just the latest big company to get in line.

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Netflix Knows How To Get Rich of the Royals

It is no secret that the success of Netflix's drama series The Crown has brought in some serious cash for the streaming giant. In a sense, both the Royal Family and the company have benefited from the exchange. It is certainly a show that has kept the royals in the public eye. This is something that they need to be able to stay in "business".

Although Netflix has already stated they have no interest in incorporating the Megxit scandal into the next seasons of the show there is still some hope. Could they bring Harry in to act as a special advisor to the show's creators?

The Safe Approach

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Although the dukes of Sussex are flirting with the entertainment business and that is a natural fit due to Meghan's past the more subtle approach may be to go the same route that has allowed former US presidents to become billionaires.

Both the Clintons and the Obamas have inked very lucrative book deals and started different foundations that have lead to public speaking gigs. This is basically the proven route to financial success after leaving a position of power. A tell-all book about the royal family from the man who was once third in line to the throne? That could bring in some serious cash.

Charity Work Is Going To Be Expected

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Without a doubt, the couple is going to try and continue their charitable efforts. Meghan had actually expressed her desire to be very involved in plenty of charitable efforts. Meghan has actually gone as far as to hire a famous Hollywood publicist.

That is going to be key in being able to bring in the money for the charity. That is one of the main reasons why the couple was so eager to go out and register the "Sussex Royal" trademark. Yet they are going to need a little more dough to make ends meet.

A Kardashian-esc Type of Show

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As all of this news is pouring in there is obviously a lot of speculation as to what type of work the couple could do for companies such as Netflix or Disney. A lot of people are actually looking for a royal version of Keeping up with the Kardashians. This is something that is highly unlikely though. It seems that Harry is still trying to remain in the Queen's good graces. This type of move could really anger the palace. Reality-TV may not the the answer just yet!

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