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Harry and Meghan

What Was the Reason For Quitting From the Royal Family? Prince Harry Finally Speaks Out

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By Alan Blake

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have a lot to deal with after going public about their intention to step back from the royal family. The prince and his young family believe that the bold move is the only way towards achieving a peaceful life, as he revealed during a Sentebale supporters dinner in London. In his speech in the event, the prince went ahead to clarify the rumors about the Megxit, citing the reasons for the disappointing decision.

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Harry and Meghan
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Referring to himself as Harry rather the prince or duke, he was ready to let the people who had seen him grow to the 35-year-old he is the truth. He recognized the UK as his home and a place he loved. In his words, the recognition and love for the UK as a home would never change, noting the support the people gave him and the warm welcome they had accorded Meghan. According to him, Meghan held the same values as he did.

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Both the prince and his wife did all they could to keep the flag high and execute their royal duties with pride. He confessed that after their marriage, they were both in high spirits and were ready to serve. As such, his decision to step back was not a light choice. Harry opened up about the several months of consultations and challenging years which sometimes left him getting a couple of things wrong. However, Harry believes there was no option concerning the Megxit.


The Queen who seems to have come to terms with the decision has since declared her support for her grandson. Her statement as tweeted indicates the royal family was ready to undergo a transition period following the developments. The prince, however, went ahead to clarify that they were not ‘walking away’, and they wished to support the Queen, her military associations, and the commonwealth, without sourcing public funds, a wish he said would not be possible. He accepted the impossibility of his hopes and believes it makes no impact on his commitment.

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The prince and his wife had been receiving a lot of scrutiny in the past, with reports indicating they had feuds with some media companies. Harry and Meghan want to live a life away from the public limelight, which was proving difficult given their positions as the royal Sussexes. He hoped to step back and have a peaceful life with his family. Initially, Meghan had received a couple of accusations including pulling Prince Harry and his brother Prince William apart.

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