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Ashley Graham Is Life Goals...And Maybe A Mommy!

Gettyimages | Theo Wargo
By Stephanie Elmir

Ashley Graham is one the world's most sought after plus sized models, having done ads and campaigns for companies all over. She's an international superstar with Instagram clout to prove it. Moreover, Graham preaches body positivity and inclusion, an advocate for plus-sized models in the industry.

Lately, she's had a lot of exciting things happening in her life, including pregnancy. While channeling a super woman, she's preparing to be a super mom. Here's why everyone's dying to have Graham's life.

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Giphy | Vanity Fair

Visiting Graham's Instagram page is an event in itself since she's always traveling to beautiful destinations for her modeling gigs. Not to mention, on top of modeling, she's an entrepreneur. Her business "Swimsuits For All" is a size-inclusive swimwear line that complements all types of women.

Moreover, even though she's a model, Graham eats whatever she wants. She's healthy, happy, and teaching her fans and other models to love themselves. With values like those, who wouldn't wanna be a model?


Gettyimages | David Crotty

As if she wasn't so cute already, Graham is married to fellow model Justin Ervin, an American icon. Known as the "Old Spice" guy, he's the sexy dude that rides horses and fulfills everyone's wildest fantasies on national, primetime commercials.

The two together are unstoppable and supportive of each other. Not to mention, their Instagram posts of each other are such relationship goals. Ervin and Graham know how hard it can be in the modeling industry too, having shared experiences.


Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

Graham has been pregnant with her first child for a while, and she's recently dropped hints that her and Ervin's little baby boy popped into the world. Her Instagram story read that 6:00 am on Saturday, their lives changed forever.

Graham and Ervin will make incredible parents with enough clout to make all the other kids on the playground jealous of their kid. Plus they'll probably have the most beautiful baby, considering their both staggeringly beautiful human beings. That baby is set!



Ashley Graham exudes happiness, cheer, and self-love. The type of woman to campaign for healthy self-esteem, Graham has often shared her unhealthy perception of herself when she first started out modeling. She used to hate how she looked, disparaging her gorgeous reflection.

Thankfully, she no longer feels terrible nor allows the harsher parts of the modeling industry to hurt her. Her career and life thrive because she loves herself, and now she wants all women to love themselves too.

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