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Penn Badgley is Still Upset About This Twist From Season 2 of 'YOU'

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By Megan Prevost

The Netflix series YOU season 2 dropped at the end of December and we can't stop talking about it. Joe Goldberg got up to his usual nonsense, crime, murder, stalking, and more. If you haven't seen the show, we seriously recommend it.

We also recommend not reading further, because there are serious spoilers ahead for YOU season 2.

Penn Badgley (Joe Goldberg) has been pretty open with his feelings about YOU, especially when fans lust over his character. He spends a lot of time on twitter reminding people that Joe is literally a murder.

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YOU season two features Joe Goldberg in a new place with a new girl. He's moved out of his old digs in New York City, and into the much more hipster-y areas of Los Angeles. He's ready to move on with his life and forget about all the bad things that he did in the past.

Except things don't really work out that way for him. He's quickly enamored by Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) who becomes his new love interest and obsession.

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We know that Joe Goldberg has struggled with his own fair share of problems. He can't keep his conscience clean to save his life, and he struggles with balancing right and wrong.

Every time he does something morally wrong (like murder) he drives himself crazy with hatred for his own actions. He tells himself he had to do what he did, but he's still visibly repulsed by his own wrong-doings.

When Love is outed as a murderer at the end of the season, Joe's first instinct isn't to run into her arms and become the Bonny and Clyde of our dreams. He's disgusted. He wants nothing to do with her.

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In an interview with Buzzfeed, where Badgley answered burning questions about YOU he stated that "The part that I didn't know about, that I was upset about, was that Joe, I mean, it is consistent with Joe, he wouldn't accept Love. That really hurt my heart, but again, it's morally consistent with Joe's morality."

He knew from the beginning that Love would be the killer, but he always thought the two of them would run off and be happy. Badley was upset that Joe rejected her, though it was in line with his character.

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What would the show's ending have been like if Joe had been cool about Love's murderous history? It likely would have felt out of place with Joe's character, but it might have been interesting to explore the alternate ending.

However, the couple ends up staying together when Joe learns that Love is pregnant. At the very last moment in the series, we see a very pregnant Love walking out of her and Joe's new home together. It almost seems wholesome.

That is, until Joe spots their neighbor as his next target. Will Joe ever get his happy ending and are we going to keep rooting for him even though Penn Badgley keeps telling us not to? Probably.

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