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Tim Tebow Finally Found The One Marrying Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Gettyimages | Steve Jennings
By Mario Perez

Tim Tebow was once upon a time considered America's sweetheart. In his college years at the University of Florida, the quarterback did nothing but win. Adding two national championships to the school's already impressive lore. He then went on to have one magical season with the Broncos in the NFL. From there though it seemed that the magic had run out. His NFL career was over in just a few years and Tim had to figure out a way to reinvent himself. Doing so alongside former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters is not a bad way to reinvent yourself.

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How The Couple Started Out

A few months back both Tim and Demi had told different news outlets their love story. They actually met a charity event that of course, Tebow was highly involved in. According to Tebow, Demi was at the event because her sister has special needs and was invited to attend.

We are not quite sure if someone behind the scenes was trying to set them up. All that they know is that they got to talking and in August of 2018 they went public with their relationship via Instagram

Who Is The Lucky Bride?

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters is a model who was born and raised in South Africa. She burst onto the global scene after winning the Miss Universe Pageant in 2017. She is way more than just a pretty face though. Just a few days before winning the Miss South Africa pageant in 2017 she graduated from college. While also doing some modeling work on the side.

As Miss Universe, she was able to travel the globe and make an appearance in many charitable events. Which lead her to cross paths with Tebow.

Very Social Media Friendly

In this day and age, it seems that celebrities are doing everything that they can to be able to keep their weedings private. Some couples even get divorced before the public gets a chance to take a look at their wedding photos.

This was not the case at all with Tim and Demi. They have shared a ton of photos of their big day on social media. They have already even gone as far as to post short highlight videos of their big day.

What We Can Expect From Tebow Moving Forward


At the moment Tim Tebow is a college football analyst with ESPN. He is also a professional baseball player in the minor league system for the New York Mets. On top of that, he does a tremendous amount of charity work. Now as a married man is he going to be able to find the time to get through all of it?

Ever since news of his engagement came out there has been speculation that he may drop his baseball career. As it has been a bit overshadowed by his public persona. This is one of the most likely scenarios.

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