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Amy Schumer's Baby, Marriage, and IVF

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By Stephanie Elmir

Amy Schumer's had a wonderful few years, enjoying the domesticity of marriage and motherhood. In several comedy specials, Schumer was indifferent towards those milestones, mostly focusing on her career.

Her films "Trainwreck", "Snatched", and "I Feel Pretty" Schumer have earned her reputation as a comedian and writer. Funnily, a common pattern in her films were women who denied themselves to be loved, then eventually let love in. Now that she has accomplished so much, it seems right that she would celebrate success with a family.

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Schumer got married to Chris Fischer in 2018, a chef who fell madly in love with her. In her Netflix comedy special "Growing" Schumer reveals that Fischer has autism and what it's like falling in love with his disorder too.

Although there are often miscommunications, Fischer is always sincere in his love for Schumer, and the two make a beautiful pair. She is incredibly understanding and patient, and in return, he gives her unconditional support. Plus, he's a chef at Martha's Vineyard, so he 's a dreamboat who can cook.


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Also talked about in Schumer's Netflix comedy special "Growing", she reveals how hard it was for her to get pregnant, only getting worse from there. Schumer suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that can complicate pregnancy. Basically, she had extreme nausea and vomiting sessions.

Schumer chronicled her journey on Instagram, showing pictures of herself in pain, sweating, in the hospital, all kinds of scary stuff. It shed needed light on the realities of pregnancy and how not everyone can have a perfect time.


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Giving birth to a beautiful boy, Gene, is why Schumer held on so long. She says that 2019 was the best year of her life, even though she spent most of it vomiting. While speaking with Oprah on her "2020 Vision: Your Life In Focus" tour, Schumer gushes about her new family.

Although the pregnancy complications were brutal Schumer does not regret having her little boy. Baby Gene has given her a new appreciation for women's strength, including her own.

IVF Part 2

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Also discussed in Oprah's "2020 Vision" tour, Schumer opens up about wanting a daughter and going through In Vitro Fertilization for another round. She dreams of their family on the beach, and herself teaching a little girl how to play volleyball.

Although she will probably have another complicated pregnancy, she's willing to do it all again. Schumer stands tall as a role model for women suffering from pregnancy complications. Truth is, many women have miscarriages and complications, but there's a stigma, and Schumer's transparency helps lighten it.

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