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Kate Beckinsale Thinks She Looks Like Steven Tyler

By Gary Trock

Kate Beckinsale has probably been compared to having similar looks to other famous stars, but the lead singer of Aerosmith does not come top of mind. However, after a viral meme of Steven Tyler made the rounds during the week, the "Underworld" star couldn't help but admit she thinks there may be a connection between herself and the "Love In an Elevator" singer.

The mixup went down on Instagram, via the popular R-rated comedy account, @s---headsteve. A photo of Tyler was posted along with a hilarious caption.

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Dude Looks Like a Lady

@commentsbycelebs / Instagram

"Steven Tyler looks like your friends mom who didn't care if people drank as long as no one drove."

Tyler was seen wearing an animal print shirt with dark sunglasses and some bold jewelry choices ... the description was pretty legit. It gained over 150,000 likes and tons of attention, including that of Kate Beckinsale.

"Legit thought that was me," the star wrote in the comments, as noticed by the good folks at Comments By Celebs.

Fans were delighted to see the "Underworld" star getting in on the action, and proclaimed "Kate Beckinsale for the win!" after her comment.


@katebeckinsale / Instagram

Steven Tyler isn't the only rockstar who Kate Beckinsale thinks she may look like, because she's also compared herself to U2 lead singer, Bono.

"I was so hoping to be mistaken for Bono but apparently he almost never leans on concrete. You live and learn," Beckinsale wrote while striking a sultry pose against the wall.

Many didn't see it, however, at least one fan offered some comfort about looking like the singer.

"If it makes you feel better, unaware of his distaste for concrete, I initially thought this was a photo of Bono," the fan commented on the pic.

"It does," Beckinsale responded.

Good Genes

Gettyimages | Joe Giddens - PA Images

If Kate Beckinsale has an axe to grind about looking like famous rockers, she owes it to her mother Judy Loe. The 46-year-old star recently paid tribute to her 73-year-old mother during a fun text exchange while she was showing off a new beanie.

"Oh my God you're literally the cutest ever person," Beckinsale wrote. She added, "Ma you look so adorbs I'm dying."

Even celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson even got in on the action, commenting that Beckinsale's mom was "Positively hot."

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