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The Craziest Storylines In Netflix's 'You' Season 2

Gettyimages | Roy Rochlin
By Stephanie Elmir

Netflix's "You" is a really wild ride. Audiences follow sociopath Joe Goldberg through his life as a serial lover and a serial killer. Season one had him kill his love interest Beck, her ex-boyfriend, her best friends, and her therapist/lover. They were all pretty terrible and pretentious, but none of them deserved to die.

To Joe's dismay, a past lover and victim he thought he killed comes back into his life. Candance swears vengeance, and he moves to LA scared.

Joe Lets Go

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Joe Goldberg is not one to let a victim of his live. Coming to Los Angeles, this sociopath built a creepy glass room in a storage warehouse. His first victim of the season is a black market dealer for fake documents.

Joe takes Will's life away from him, his documents, and keeps him trapped in the glass room while he tries to woo his new love interest named Love. Eventually, he lets Will go! Alive! The fact that he didn't kill him is a miracle.

Joe's Backstory

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Fans of "You" finally find out Joe Goldberg's background, how he came to be the sociopath he is today. Turns out his mother and he were abused by his father. However, his mother never did anything about it, mostly leaving him alone at supermarkets to have sex with strangers.

Eventually, it leads to the big reveal of how Joe got so screwed in the brain. With a gun hidden by his mother, he shoots his father and kills him. Then he gets taken away by child custody services.

The Acid Trip

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This was one of the most excruciating episodes to watch. He has Delilah trapped in his glass room with time activated handcuffs, and he's planning to escape LA and never return. Meanwhile, he's breaking up with his girlfriend Love, and then gets trapped by her brother Forty and gets drugged with acid.

A wild, wild episode, there is no recovery from this one. At the same time, Forty forces Joe to write a screenplay with him about Beck, and then accidentally finds out how Joe killed her.

Love Traps Joe

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Surprise, surprise, Joe falls in love with another sociopath. Love, someone he thought of as innocent, an easy target, is now just as dangerous as him. Turns out she killed Delilah and when Candace traps Joe in the same glass room as Delilah's corpse, then Love kills her too.

More exciting still, Love is pregnant with his child, that fact saving her as he almost slit her throat open. Now he's stuck with her, constantly scared she'll get him too.

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