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Powerful Moments at LA Women's March

Gettyimages | DAVID MCNEW
By Stephanie Elmir

LA Women's March 2020 is an important event for women who are still fighting for equality and reproductive rights. Especially during President Trump's time in the White House, this moment in history proves advocacy is impertinent to provide change.

Thousands of people marched this past Saturday and made a stand against those in power that take from women. Moreover, this year focused on the #metoo and denouncing the prepetraitors that hurt women in the entertainment industry. It was a successful gathering, overall.

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Mira Sorvino

Gettyimages | Noam Galai

One of the speakers at the LA Women's March 2020 was Mira Sorvino, an unfortunate victim of Harvey Weinstein's harassment.

Weinstein notoriously blacklisted Sorvino from working in Hollywood after he tried non-consensually engaging in sexual activity with her. Sorvino escaping him ruined her career after winning an Oscar for best supporting actress in "Mighty Aphrodite".

At the March, Sorvino called Weinstein, R. Kelly, and Bill Cosby predators and those other predators like them will be stopped because of womens' collective power.

Caitlyn Jenner

In the 2016 election, Caitlyn Jenner had originally supported President Donald Trump's false promises to remember and champion LGBTQ+ rights, including trans rights. Of course, four years later, Trump has done the opposite and Jenner is now speaking against him at the LA Women's March 2020.

This is a great and lively progress for Jenner, her platform necessary to bring trans rights into the future. It also shows that people can change their belief systems in order to serve a greater purpose.

The Crowd

Gettyimages | Sarah Morris

Thousands of people showed up to LA Women's March 2020, bringing their friends, husbands, daughters, etc. Although some attendees admitted that numbers had dwindled since last year, the power was in the air, and the people who showed were more than enough.

People held up witty signs that denounced President Trump and Mitch Mcconnell for messing with women's rights. Young persons were advocating and protesting for intersectional feminism, supporting women and persons of color, and the United Farm Worker's revolutionary history.

Other Speakers And Performances

Gettyimages | Paul R. Giunta

With Los Angeles being a haven for entertainment and artists, it was easy to have celebrities share their work and thoughts to everyone at the Women's March 2020. Oscar-winner Marlee Matlin also spoke and supported Sorvino, while denouncing Trump for his policies.

Emmy winner Tatiana Maslany and Michelle Rodriguez also spoke and said similar uplifting sentiments.

The performers were the like of Seal, who's ex-wife Heidi Klum is role model, and "Blackish" star Jennifer Lewisalso sang and performed beautifully.

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