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Antonio Brown Performs First Live Show and Burns Through a Lot of Cash

Gettyimages | Michael Reaves
By Zachary Holt

Antonio Brown, the disgruntled former NFL wide receiver, tried to branch out of his career in the only way that many athletes know how when they can't find work anymore in their respective sports. He's moved into the music industry and so far, it hasn't been very kind to him.

His newly released album 'No More White Women 2020' has received some pretty awful reviews with people telling him on social media that he should go ahead and retire from the music game. Well, Brown had his first live performance this weekend and suffice it to say, it went as well as you could think it did. That, and he lost a lot of money for someone who is currently unemployed.

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Brown Performs Single, Throws Out Tons of Cash to Crowd

Gettyimages | Michael Reaves

Brown's performance was in a venue called Revolution Live, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the out-of-work wide receiver opened up for fellow rappers Lil Keed and Lil Gotit. And true to form, he made a big entrance, much like he has when playing in the NFL or while posting on social media.

When he finally hit the stage, Brown rapped his new 'hit' single Whole Lotta Money. Like the music video that accompanied the release of the single, he felt compelled to make cash rain from the stage into the crowd, an odd move for somebody without a stable income anymore.

DJ Asks Brown About Allegations During Performance

Gettyimages | Michael Reaves

While Brown was performing, the DJ felt compelled to take a non-traditional approach to entertainment by asking the former NFL player whether he wanted to talk about the current allegations against him. AB chose to simply ignore the request and kept rapping.

The allegations in question stem from an incident where it is claimed he sexually abused a woman. When news broke of this allegation, the New England Patriots, who he just had signed with, had no option but to drop the wide receiver, all together in an organization face-saving move.

AB's Life Slowly Spiraling Downward

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

Since his release from the Patriots, Brown has been all over social media trying to make a career out of his likeness. Apparently, rapping was the first thing that came to mind when he was left without work.

He might want to rethink his approach, though, because his recent antics on social media are giving him a bad image if it wasn't already decimated to begin with. Last week, Brown posted a live-streamed video on his Instagram page of a profanity-laced tirade against police and the mother of his children.

Many Legal Hurdles Ahead for Former Wide Receiver

Gettyimages | Michael Reaves

It's unclear what legal hurdles Brown will be able to get over with a plate full currently in front of him. He has the sexual assault allegations that are keeping him from playing in the NFL, as well as, other issues concerning evictions and other legal matters.

It's abrasively apparent that there are some mental health issues Brown is dealing with and that he needs to seek help. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, just cut ties with him citing the need for Brown to seek professional help. Nothing looks very positive for AB right now, not even his new found rapping career.

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