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Has Kylie Jenner Gone Too Far with Fillers? Fans on Social Media Are Worried About Her

By Zachary Holt

It's not a mystery that Kylie Jenner, the youngest billionaire, receives cosmetic treatments in the form of fillers throughout her body. Although she claims that she's never been under the knife with true plastic surgery procedures, she's readily admitted that she started getting filler when she was only seventeen years old, despite her mother, Kris Jenner's wishes.

The rest is history, though, and it's abrasively apparent that Jenner has dramatically changed since she was younger, and not in a natural manner. And it's not that fans haven't noticed, but they are now becoming increasingly worried about what the Kylie Cosmetics founder could be doing to her body and the health risks associated.

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Some Kylie Fans Have a Problem With Her 'Plastic' Look

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Jenner has an unrealistic number of followers on Instagram, not to mention others that are fans of hers on Twitter. And while a lot of people that do follow her love seeing all her posts, vain and all, others have some issues with the current looks that Kylie is rocking on a daily basis.

Some of have come after her and the superficial looks saying that she resembles plastic, while others have been more concerned with the health risks that are associated with manipulating her body with fillers.

Health Concerns Abound as Kylie Shows Off Backside in Instagram Post

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Just recently, the makeup mogul posted a video of herself in a tight black dress twirling around and showing off her backside. The post was captioned with 'girl's night'. But social media users were not so much captivated by Kylie in this particular instance. Instead, they focused on her unnatural figure and how her health could be affected, should she continue to use fillers to change her overall appearance.

One fan commented, "They said on botched you can die from butt filler. The filler or fat can block arteries and you can die. Better not keep risking it," referencing the plastic surgery show where people come in for cosmetic procedures as result of 'botched' first tries. Another shared, "she tries too hard to be cool."

The Mental Health of Young, Impressionable Children At Risk


While there are certainly health risks associated with the constant amount of fillers she has injected into her body, other fans were concerned that she has been putting off a bad image for younger, impressionable children that look up to her, especially as it pertains to their bodies and their overall mental health.

One fan on Instagram wrote, "A body like that and a face so much done up at your age isn’t a good thing," referring to the fact that Jenner is only 22-years-old. Another fan stated, "This is honestly sad that people have to live up to that beauty standard."

Kardashian-Jenner Family Unlikely to Change Despite Risks

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Although many of the fans have good intentions in the comments they make to Jenner's social media pages, it's not likely to have any significant effect. The fillers that she's used have catapulted her into starting the Kylie Cosmetics brand that ultimately made her a billionaire.

We hope that at some point she'll recognize that all the bodily alterations aren't healthy for her, or any of the fans that follow her on social media. But given that her sisters are all doing the same thing, it's probably not going to stop. We'll just have to hold our breathe that something tragic doesn't happen as a result of her intense desire for vanity and relevancy.

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