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Hailee Steinfeld's Career is More Impressive then Niall Horan's

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By Stephanie Elmir

From a young age, Hailee Steinfeld has proven herself a force to be appreciated. Having starred with Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges in "True Grit" and earning a nomination for the best-supporting actress, she's a top girl.

Moreover, her music career is a stairway to heaven, already hitting Billboard's top spots. Although great, there's some fan speculation that she's throwing shade at ex-boyfriend Niall Horan. Steinfeld's life is pretty perfect, so here's the reason why she's too busy to be petty.

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"Dickinson" on Apple TV was a reimagining of classic poet Emily Dickinson's quiet life. Steinfeld plays Dickinson as a young woman trying to find her place in a world that excludes women and disenfranchises their ideas and intelligence.

Steinfeld has done teen movies like "Edge of Seventeen" where a female protagonist feels trapped in their world, and "Dickinson" is similar in tone. Her acting style provides a contemporary lens on the poet, effectively portraying the young genius's struggles and thoughts.

Into The Spiderverse

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Steinfled plays an iconic character in "Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse" from comics and movies, the unforgettable Gwen Stacy. In this animated adaption, she plays a feisty version of Spiderman named Spider Gwen and helps fight crime and travel through the multiverse.

This film shows her versatility as a voice actor, once again showing that she's better at something Niall Horan probably isn't good at! Why would she need to bring down her ex if she's got Marvel clout? It's a mystery!

Top Chart Music

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Niall Horan was successful in One Direction as a group member, and alone he is still a wonderful singer and musician. However, he's just as successful as Steinfeld, some of their singles hopping onto Billboard's Top 40 list.

Moreover, she's worked with artists like Zedd and Machine Gun Kelly, which assured that her songs would reach younger demographics. Songs "Love Myself" and "Most Girls" ended up going platinum and gold, establishing Steinfeld as a modern pop music icon. No need for the competition!

Rumored Hawkeye

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It's only a rumor so far, but there's a Disney+ series on its way with two Hawkeyes, one is Jeremy Renner and the other is possibly Steinfeld. The biggest brag and clout machine is becoming a full-time Marvel cast member, and she's already been in "Spiderman Into the Universe".

This could be her key to taking on more high profile films and television that lead to accolades and awards. Horan and Steinfeld have beautiful lives without each other, so there's no need to hyperfocus.

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