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Olivia Culpo takes a bathrobe selfie

Olivia Culpo Flaunts Insane Gym Body In Tight Spandex While Assembling A Crib

Olivia Culpo/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Olivia Culpo's smoking hot body was on show this weekend. The "Sports Illustrated" model and girlfriend to NFL player Christian McCaffrey took to Instagram on Saturday with a reminder of her flawless physique – well, that, and her impressive DIY skills.

Models aren't just for show, as Olivia proved. The 27-year-old had been busy assembling a crib, but hold tight – it isn't a baby announcement. Olivia was assembling the toddler-friendly structure for her nephew. The star's killer gym body required some swiping, but for Olivia's fans, it was likely worth the effort.

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Getting Down And Dirty With The DIY

Olivia Culpo assembles a crib in gym wear
Olivia Culpo/Instagram

Olivia's opening photo showed the sleek, polished, fashionista vibe that the model is so associated with. Culpo was all dressed up and standing in a marbled hallway as she showed off a pastel purple outfit.

The glossy mauve pants and open loose shirt were quickly replaced by a more casual look, though. Here, Culpo was seen in two photos as she angled herself on the floor while DIY-installing a crib.

Eyes were likely on this hottie's body, though. Olivia was flaunting some mighty abs alongside her toned legs in spandex leggings and a crop top – a loose white outer layer contrasted the black gym wear.

A caption from Olivia explained the chic and casual looks.

"This is how cool I looked today before I spent the entire other half of the day setting up a crib... but at least he likes it!!!"

And Fans Get A Second Shot

Olivia Culpo assembles a crib in spandex gym wear
Olivia Culpo/Instagram

Olivia posted two photos from her DIY moment. While one showed off the model's abs, the other offered them with a better view of Culpo's super-peachy rear. Olivia was barefoot in both snaps, also posting a photo of her nephew sitting happily in green pajamas as he enjoyed the finished product.

Yup, she assembled the crib correctly.

It wasn't long before Olivia was called "the best aunt" over in the comments section.

Boyfriend Christian also left a note: "Tita," he wrote with flame and heart-eye emoji.

The Married Men Sliding Into Her DMs

Olivia Culpo poses in a red bikini
Olivia Culpo/Instagram

Olivia is taken – sorry, fellas. The model has been dating Christian McCaffrey since around July 2019, with a recent joint social media appearance showing Christian helping his hot girlfriend squeeze into her leather pants.

Olivia still gets a ton of male attention, though, even opening up about it last year.

“Nothing irks me more than when someone slides in my DMs, first of all, my number one red flag that I’m never going to date you, and second of all, if you have a girlfriend or a wife, and you are sliding in my DMs, I am going to put you on blast," Olivia said on "The Jenny McCarthy Show.

The Men She Wants To Expose

Olivia Culpo takes a bathroom selfie
Olivia Culpo/Instagram

Olivia didn't hold back, continuing by saying that she wanted to expose all the taken men who've hit on her over the years.

“I really want to do it,” she stated

“I really wanna screen cap all of them, just be like, ‘Hey all of you guys. Tell your wives that they need to leave.'” She added, “And I’m just like, ‘Ugh, I’m offended that you think I would even take the bait, honestly,'" Culpo added.

Olivia has 4.5 million Instagram followers. For more from the former "Miss Universe," check out her Instagram.

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