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Justin Bieber Asked to Leave Gym by Taylor Swift's Body Guards and Crew

Gettyimages | Ricky Vigil
By Zachary Holt

Sometimes people like to have their own space when it comes to getting in a workout. Maybe they want access to all the equipment, or perhaps, the thought of someone else seeing them profusing perspiring is enough to want an environment that is isolated from others.

Regardless, the converted pop icon, Taylor Swift has her reasons. Just this past week, the Lover artist went to go get some exercise at Dogpound Gym in West Hollywood, but there was one problem. Justin Bieber was there already mid-workout and didn't have any intentions of cutting it short, no matter who was asking.

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Taylor Swift Versus Justin Bieber Standoff

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The whole story is strange in nature. Apparently, Swift had scheduled an appointment to work out with a trainer, but instead of simply booking a time slot to put in some exercise, she had rented out the whole gym, itself.

Unbeknownst to Bieber, who was simply there for a quick session, he was asked to leave by Swift's crew. Bieber's security team that accompanied the newlywed stood firm in the position that Justin would be there to at least finish his work out and wouldn't leave beforehand.

Bieber Stands Firm and Finishes Workout

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

A source close to Bieber shared with TMZ that he did, in fact, stick around and finish his work out, despite everyone else that was present in the gym leaving. The source also said that Bieber wasn't even doing much of a workout, but instead, 'goofing around and dancing'.

He did eventually leave, though, but oddly, no one even bothered to tell him it was Swift who had requested the whole gym be cleared for her. Nonetheless, the Yummy singer did leave and Swift got the place to herself.

Scooter Braun and Taylor Swift Drama Over Master Rights to Music

Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS

The incident is strange in itself because Bieber and Swift have been friends over the years. You'd think that Taylor would just talk to Justin about it. But then again, it was reported back in September of last year that the two were in a 'feud'.

The bad feelings seem to stem from the owner of Big Machine Records, Scooter Braun, who bought the label in June of 2019 for 300 million dollars. As part of the contractual agreement, Braun now owned the master rights to Swift's music and had the autonomy to use it as desired for commercials, music samples, and in television shows.

Justin Bieber Takes a Swipe at Taylor Swift on Instagram

Gettyimages | Steve Jennings

This, of course, did not sit well with Taylor, who switched to a new label, Republic Records. To make matters worse, and what is believed to be the cause of the beef between Swift and Bieber, the Yummy singer posted a picture to his Instagram of Kanye West and Braun with the caption 'What's up, Taylor Swift'. This was an obvious dig at Swift who has had problems with both Kanye and Braun over the years.

As for if this was a power move by Swift to get back at Bieber, we don't know. Just an all-around odd story, regardless.

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