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Is Journalist Carole Radziwill Ready to Return to 'RHONY?'

Gettyimages | Mike Pont
By Alan Blake

The Ex-Bravo star, Carole Radziwill, announced her departure from the show ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ where she had featured in six seasons in 2018. She purported that it was time to get back to journalism, which is her passion, saying her time for the show was up. Her season had been a tough one following the falling out with Bethenny Frankel, her close actress. However, Frankel is alleged to have left the reality series, and Radziwill’s fans are wondering if she could return.

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However, her January 14 interview with Hollywoodlife shun the fans’ hopes. In her words, she admitted that she would never get back on the show as there is nothing left in it for her to explore. Radziwill did not dismiss the show entirely and even mentioned that there are still people in the show with whom she has genuine relationships. She categorically stated she is open to doing scripted TV shows, but would never do a reality show with her private life being the subject.

Carole Radziwill
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Her works, such as the novel ‘Widows Guide to Sex & Dating’ are in the process of getting developed into television series. Radziwill indicated that the projects are more of where she is taking an interest, adding that she has other projects as well that are neither reality nor television projects. She revealed about working out collaborations with a couple of companies driven by females. According to her experience, working with people who are starting in the industry, and passionate about the work is quite fun.

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Radziwill seems to stand by her decision on quitting reality show. Her fans probably anticipated her return after Frankel's second quitting. Frankel, who had been Carole’s co-star, had initially left after three seasons only to be back later. However, she has since left and seems to be gone for good. In a statement, Frankel confirmed that she is leaving the series to focus on daughter, show production and starring, and philanthropy. She indicated her intention to produce shows focusing on women's power.

Carole Radziwill
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The actress’s experience on the screens is not going to waste even after quitting RHONY. Last year, Bravo TV reported the star was up to a television comedy which seemed to be significantly influenced by her experience at RHONY. They also noted that the actress was on her third book by then and revealed there was more. Radziwill was as well taking time to write for the violet Grey website while making plans to pitch an advice platform. She considers herself a big advice-giver who ironically does not love taking advice.

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