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Here's Everything You Need To Know About NBC's Upcoming Streaming Service

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By Carolyn B.

So many streaming services so little time! Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Shudder ... how could anybody possibly keep up with them all? If all this weren't enough to keep track of, major TV network NBC is now adding another option to the mix, their upcoming streaming service "Peacock" named after the company's famous logo.

We'll walk you through all the details released about the service, from the price, planned content, and when viewers can expect the service to be available for subscription.

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Cable Providers Will Be Key

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The Peacock streaming service is not your average streaming services. This product is mixing up streaming TV in a major way. Interestingly, Peacock is a joint effort between NBCUniversal and Comcast. Comcast owns a majority stake of NBC.

Such a conjoined venture has not been done before (though Hulu has been snatched up by Disney at this point). The collaboration between NBC and Comcast will seemingly affect every aspect of the streaming service, from its availability to subscribers right down to how much customers pay for it.

Comcast Comes First

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Thanks to Comcast and NBC working hand-in-hand, subscribers who also happen to be signed up for Comcast will get major perks. The service will be made available to them first, and they will receive discounts on certain tiers.

Peacock will be available to Comcast subscribers April 15, everyone else will have to wait another three months to get their hands on the service. A free, limited-content version will be available, along with a $5 per month ad-supported option, and an ad-free version for $10 per month. Comcast customers will get the ad-free tier for $5 a month.

All Your Favorite Titles ...

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Longtime fans of NBC's classic comedies immediately wondered what the Peacock streaming service would mean for services like Netflix and Hulu that have long had the pleasure of streaming popular titles like Friends and The Office.

Yes, Peacock does plan on exclusively streaming many of these titles. Netflix is set to lose access to Friends after paying out millions to keep it just a little bit longer. Internet favorites like Parks And Recreation and The Good Place will be headed to Peacock, too.

... And So Much More

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Don't think Peacock will simply rest on NBC's comedy laurels, though. The streaming service also plans to provide plenty of original content, much of it rebooting long-gone favorites.

Saved By The Bell, Battlestar Galactica, and Punky Brewster will be rebooted for the streaming service. A.P. Bio, Straight Talk, Dr. Death, and more will be available for series fans. Films will also be in the mix, with titles such as American Pie, Brokeback Mountain, and Jaws, along with a Psych spinoff film.

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