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Wendy Williams and Howard Stern at Odds Again

Gettyimages | Sarah Morris
By kenadijiba

The King of All Media versus The Queen. When you analyze the relationship between Howard Stern and Wendy Williams there is a lot of unspoken animosities. Howard, when he interviewed her early on in her television career, didn't confront her on anything concerning the way she conducts her show, but focused most of his energy on the relationship with her and then husband Kevin Hunter. He went into waters only Howard can and asked about the cheating component in Wendys relationship. After leaving that interview years ago to come back once again with positive vibrations the consensus would be that Wendy and Howard were cordial with each other.

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The Start of The Feud


One thing that both parties have in common in how sensitive they are to criticism. Howard has proven to be more so considering his reaction to Wendy talking about his book a few years ago on Hot Topics. She complimented him and his legacy but went on to say he lost his flare. That he was more “Hollywood” now versus before when he was real and raw, not as politically correct as he is now. Howard when angry has a reputation for being vicious. So, when he went to respond on his show to Wendy's comments the words that came out of his mouth could make a sailor gasp. He criticized Wendy for how she looks and grazed over the cheating scandal that arose.

Idols Become Rivals


Even with Howard demoralizing Wendy in such a public way she didn't bite back. Well, a new issue most recently arose when it was announced that Wendy was being inducted into the radio hall of fame, and Howard felt slighted. Howard let it be known that he can't understand how before him Wendy would achieve such an accolade. Does this ring of jealousy? Or is Howard right in his assessment. Howard did break through scary tunnels to help facilitate the careers of many now famous radio turned television personalities. But, just because someone opens the door doesn't mean they're entitled to constant gratitude. It can be argued that Oprah is more responsible for everyone's talk shows on television than any other media personality to become famous, but you never hear her claiming this need for validation. By Wendy staying strong in her support for Howard she does look like the “winner” in this unfortunate situation and he looks a bit envious. The growth of Wendy and her persistence although she has many faults demonstrates how when it is all said and done idols can become your rivals.

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