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Is Lori Harvey Playing the Player?

Gettyimages | Prince Williams
By kenadijiba

Men traditionally have been characterized as powerful, dominant, and above all players. Women historically have been described as meek, weak, and homemakers. Well, in the year 2020 we’ve got a new sheriff in town. The lady killer now is the lady herself. Women have chosen to not be manipulated but to somehow become the manipulator. One of note who has been taking over the blogs because of her ever so public conquests is Lori Harvey, the adopted daughter of a famous comedian Steve Harvey. Her most recent over publicized relationship with Future who has multiple children and was engaged to Ciara looks to be getting serious. The gag is, can Lori play the player or is she falling for his game.

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Is Future In Love

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It has to be a source of confusion for fans of Steve Harvey to observe how his daughter is becoming the antithesis of what he preaches is a “good” woman. At the end of the day her choices are hers entirely but the men she is getting involved with do have sour reputations when it comes to love. Her fling with P. Diddy whos son she had dated previously has to be awkward on a variety of levels. Then her rumored dates with an army of rappers who are known for their womanizing ways only to be conquered by Lori Harvey herself. Now she is with Future who has a stable of children, and babies mothers. If anything is true it has to be the phrase that the best predictor of future behaviour is past behavior. If for Future the way to help him commit to a relationship was to be beautiful, successful, and have his children than Ciara should’ve been the catalyst.

What's Next For Lori Harvey

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But as young people how can we fault her. To be 23, rich, gorgeous, and doted on by a world-famous rapper has to be kind of fun. As long as things don't get too wild Lori should have the time of her life. Like your grandma always says live while your young, you will never have this body or the amount of freedom you have right now again. If this was Lori’s only issue at the moment than life would not seem to be too complicated. But, Lori made the mistake of breaking the law recently due to a DUI. If convicted she could be facing real jail time, and Future waiting for her on the other side doesn't look so realistic.

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