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Was Beyonce Inspired by The Rise of Rihanna’s 'Fenty Beauty'

Gettyimages | Larry Busacca
By kenadijiba

When Queen RiRi dropped her makeup line “Fenty Beauty” in 2017 the world completely stopped. YouTubers couldn't help themselves from posting reviews because of such unadulterated excitement. Women of color especially were so elated because of how many shades of foundation Rihanna created. Never before had deeper skin tones been catered to like this. The shift before Rihanna and after her not only in terms of her musical legend but also her multi-million dollar companies is so inspirational. So, if she has left such a mark on the masses with her style, confidence, and talent why wouldn't she leave a sense of business literacy on other celebrities too.

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Battle of The Brands


Someone she could have influenced pop culture royalty Beyonce. Most recently she launched her clothing line “Ivy Park” and people are in a tailspin. Beyonce producing clothes and slowly moving from music might be her taking a page from Rihanna’s golden book. Something people don't know is that musicians don't make much through the singles or albums they put blood, sweat, and tears into. What brings the dinero in is the beaucoups of earnings from tours and merchandise sales. Most musicians do become okay with this because before they never had experienced generational wealth. But, Rihanna with her intelligence that is equal to her beauty decided not her. She was going to create something that will live on forever and put her in a new space of power. This play by her was the greatest checkmate.

Two Queens Can Co Exist


So, Beyonce and her clothing line be worth the hype. Just because someone is an icon in one sector does not mean they can pull anything off. If people go into a project with the attitude that creating a brand without the knowledge and the time will automatically bring success, they are going to be rudely awakened. The consumer doesn't want a perfume with their favorite celebrities face on it that smells like pain and suffering. Time and again it has been candidly obvious when famous people rep a product with vigilance and then the public finds out they had no real input in making it. What Beyonce should do is establish this line with a passion and try to convince her fans that she knows what she is talking about.

Who Has The Better Product


Even before the catfight rumors begin let us realize that now in this pro-feminist society two incredible women can co-exist with highly demanded companies. “Ivy Park” is not in competition with “Savage Fenty”, and if Jennifer Lopez one day decided she wanted to launch a Lopez lash there shouldn't be the talk of rivalry between these starlets. What should be on the debate table is how good the product is or isn't. If “Fenty Beauty” sends out a million highlighters that are broken then that should be what people fault her for, but if her “Savage Fenty” line sells more than Beyonce’s “Ivy Park” there hopefully will be no comparison made. Both of these women can be appreciated not equally but in their own right. Rihanna for her unapologetic sexiness and strength. Beyonce for her unmatchable work ethic, and cultural print. Honestly though how lucky is this generation to be alive at the same time as these two Goddesses.

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