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Khloé Kardashian is 'Melting' Over New Pic of Daughter

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By Alyssa McCraw

It's always a fun week/life when you're a Kardashian.

Since Monday, we've reported on the contents of Kim's purse, the strangest item in Kris Jenner's home, and the plans of Kylie's former assistant. On a sad note, though, we've also had to discuss Rob's ongoing custody battle over his daughter Dream...twice. We are wondering what Kourtney and Kendall are up to (where you at, ladies?), but they've always been considered the "quiet" ones.

Last night we talked about Khloé's new ID series, which is premiering in a few weeks, but now we HAVE to talk about her daughter True.

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Khloé took to the 'gram yesterday to share the most adorable picture of True following her kousin cousin Chicago's birthday party. Oh yeah, we forgot that we also talked about True and Chi's recent trip to Target! True and Chi were born just a few months apart, could basically be twins, and already have an awesome kind of makes us jealous, tbh.

Khloé's Thursday night post exudes so much peace and happiness - sweet little True is donning her Minnie Mouse face paint while her mother looks glam-casual in a black beanie.

"My Minnie kept asking to take pictures with me. She put her arm around me, leaned on my cheek and posed 💕 I was melting lol These days I’m soft🙄," Khloé said in her caption. The picture has already gained over 2,500,000 likes.

Khloé's BFF Malika Haaq also commented: '"My girls," she said. Short and sweet, but that's all that needed to be said. Haqq, who will be 37 in March, is expecting a child with ex-boyfriend O.T. Genasis.

Check out Malika's Instagram to follow her pregnancy journey!

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Khloé opened up to podcast Divorce Sucks! With Laura Wasser last spring. Although never married to True's father, NBA star Tristan Thompson, she admits how hard co-parenting can be.

"Those emotions can be heightened at times," she said. "True is 1 and, like, a month old, so she doesn’t really know what’s happening. But to me, she does know and she feels the energy, and I’m a big believer of that."

Aww - but we aren't surprised; we always knew Khloé was very intuitive.

She continued speaking about the special mother/daughter bond she shares with True. "I do everything in my power to not put just any sort of heavy energy around her...maybe that sounds a little too Bohemian to some people."

At the time, she also said that dating and/or meeting anyone was not on her radar. Maybe that's changed by now? Only time will tell.

We just can't to see if True turns out to be Khloe's Minnie mini-me - but all the signs are pointing towards "yes."

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