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Betty White blows out a Hawaiian themed cake that says "Happy Birthday Betty"

Fans Alarmed over Betty White Trending on Twitter on Her Birthday

Gettyimages | Mark Davis
By Natalie Hunter

Fear not, Betty White fans! White is trending for all of the right reasons today. White has become a trending topic on twitter as fans are wishing her a happy 98th birthday.

However, according to PopCulture fans were alarmed when they just saw that "Betty White" was trending. Many feared that with her impressive age, that she might have passed away. Once they realized it was a false alarm, they took to twitter to show their reactions. Another reason, perhaps, that Betty White has become a trending topic on twitter.

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"I saw Betty White was trending today and nearly had a panic attack. Turns out, it's her birthday. 😅," one fan wrote.

"i rlly thought betty white died. how foolish of me to not acknowledge her immortality. happy bday queen!" another added.

"Can Happy Birthday Betty White trend instead of just [Betty White]?" asked one fan. "I d– near had a hear attack thinking she died."

"5,234 is the number of times I thought Betty White died today seeing her photo in my TL. #HappyBirthdayBettyWhite," another user tweeted.


This isn't the first time that fans have had a false alarm about White's death. An article on a fake news site had reported that "Actress Betty White, 93, Dyes Peacefully in Her Los Angles Home." Not only is "dies" misspelled but it also reported that White died at 93 when she is 98 years old as of today. The article was exposed as being fake leaving fans relieved that she didn't "dye" five years ago leaving her ghost to roam around.


Fans took to twitter to wish the renowned actress a happy birthday.

"Happy Birthday to Betty White and thank you for many years of entertainment and laughs," one user tweeted

"We should all strive to be as kind and accepting as Betty White. Happy Birthday!" another fan added.

"Happy birthday to our beloved #BettyWhite a role model and a great inspiration to us all. Love you from #Canada," a third said.

"Happy birthday! What a legend!!! Love her in everything. Thank you for all the joy your brought to us over the years!" another wrote.


Betty White spoke to Parade after turning 96 to share her secrets to a long life.

“Enjoy life,” she says. “Accentuate the positive, not the negative. It sounds so trite, but a lot of people will pick out something to complain about, rather than say, ‘Hey, that was great!’ It’s not hard to find great stuff if you look.”

Betty White is the longest working actor. She still hasn't retired after 80 years of making viewers across the world laugh. She is most commonly recognized for playing Rose on 'Golden Girls.'

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