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Netflix Picks Up Great Reviews on Aaron Hernandez Docuseries That Has Fans Talking

Gettyimages | Boston Globe
By Mario Perez

One of the most tragic and compelling sports stories of the past decade has made it to Netflix. It safe to say that the streaming service sure knows how to pick topics for their new shows. Only a couple of days removed from its released the show is being talked about on TV by many famous sports shows.

A lot of fans that were introduced or re-introduced to the story went to social media to voice their reactions. It seems everyone has an opinion on what actually went down.

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What Has Made This Documentary So Compelling?

A few years back there was a similar effect on people when "The People vs OJ Simpson" came out. The show, in a lot of ways, reminded people of what they felt at the time. With the Aaron Hernandez story, it offers a little more insight into what were widely considered at the time senseless crimes.

It is not that the documentary actually offers a direct explanation of why sort of what happened, actually happened. It did though restart a lot of the conversation.

The Pat McAfee Reaction

As was mentioned before the documentary sparked plenty of reactions from media members and fans alike. One of the most brutally honest reactions was broadcast live on the Pat McAfee Show. The former punter literally took 10 minutes of the show to talk about the documentary.

In general, he spoke of being amazed at the fact that he potentially shared the field with a person who had gone out and murdered 2 or 3 people just a couple of nights ago. This echos what a lot of people are saying. Hernandez allegedly killed two people then went on to play a full season with the Patriots where they even got to a Super Bowl.

Fan Theories Developing Online

It should be noted that no current NFL player or employee of any kind is actually interviewed in the documentary. Of course, there are sound bites and videos of previous situations. Where Patriot's owner Robert Kraft can be seen in court. There is a Bill Belichick speech on the show that was recorded at the time.

It seems that the NFL was not involved in any way with the making of the documentary. Yet, the fact that CTE is sort of crammed in at the end as something that may have had an impact raised some eyebrows for sure.

What Is The League's Take On This?


At this point in time, the league has not issued an official statement concerning the documentary. From the way that the league has handled the situation in the past, it very well seems that they are just going to ride out the storm and not say a word about it.

Without a doubt, the documentary raised a lot of questions about substance abuse programs. As well as their psychological evaluations of players. Both areas where they are clearly lacking structure. Even while certain former players exhibit very clear mental issues.

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