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Meghan McCain sits in an arm chair on 'Watch What Happens Live'

Meghan McCain Snaps at Producer Live on 'The View' Amid Petition to Get Her fired

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By Natalie Hunter

'The View' host Meghan McCain has been under scrutiny lately for her fiery temper. Fans are accusing of her of disrespecting her co-hosts during her long-winded rants. The most recent victims of one of her tirades weren't even on camera. McCain snapped at a producer for putting a legal discretion statement after she made a false comment.

Many suspect that McCain's job is in danger. Even McCain herself said that she walks into 'The View' everyday expecting that she'll be fired.

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According to [PopCulture,] ( McCain falsely claimed that celebrity attorney, who has been a previous guest on 'The View,' is going to jail.

"There are so many people that take a stop at the Trump White House, here, and then jail," McCain claimed. "It's hard to remember and Avenatti's now going to jail. One of our co-hosts."

However, Avenatti has not been charged as guilty yet. His trial hasn't even taken place. Later on in the episode, producers left a legal notice clarifying this.


"Take off that legal note about Michael Avenatti. I'm not interested, and I don't think America is interested. Okay?" McCain snapped in response.

Whoopi Goldberg then added that they do need it for legal purposes to which McCain sarcastically agreed while giving an exaggerated eye roll.

McCain's reaction certainly adds fuel to the fire for those looking for her to be fired. Recently, a petition was made on calling for McCain to be removed from the show. So far, the petition has about 10,000 signatures.

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"Anyone who like me has watched The View for years and has seen the sourness and immaturity that Meghan has brought to the show doesn't need much persuasion," the description of Catherine Iyoha-Idiong's petition reads. "Let's get her OFF our favorite morning show and back to Faux News where she can safely keep discussing Obama possibly faking tears with onions after little children were murdered at school."

Additionally, fans have taken to twitter to sound off about McCain's most recent explosion.


"Stop being a whining crybaby(sic) who lacks maturity, interrupts anyone who disagrees with her and whose entire 'expertise' is not on her own experience or qualifications, but those of her lineage. Her dad may be proud of her, we viewers aren’t," one user said.

"The only reason they keep @MeghanMcCain on @TheView is bc she’s a big crybaby & loves drama. Drama = headlines & headlines pull in viewers. We love to see a grown woman being a total brat on tv who mentions her daddy every chance she gets," [another added.] (

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