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Jonas Brothers

Bringing Back the Good Old Times: Jonas Brothers Recreate the Celebrated '80s Movies

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By Alan Blake

The Jonas Brothers have treated their fans to a surprise with their new ‘What A Man Gotta Do.’ The 17th January song is dropping from the 1980s fantasy, which the three brothers have made along with their wives Danielle, Priyanka, and Sophie. The three had before the release made a teasing of the trip using their Netflix queue. They posted on Instagram, a video showing their red cassette in a giant boom box. The trio also did a Photoshop poster of the movie ‘Say Anything’ where Kevin had replaced John Cusack, while Danielle replaces Ione Skye.

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Their poster tagged along the statement “Knowing Kelvin Jonas is getting to love him. Danielle Jonas is close to knowing Kevin Jonas.” The following day was Nick’s turn, and he reenacted a quite iconic scene drawn from the cinematic history of the 80s. The lad wears a pair of white socks to make his best on the floor slide, to deliver the best of Joel Goodson, from ‘Risky Business.’ However, the old times' music of rock and roll is replaced by ‘What A Man Gotta Do.’

 Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra
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The Jonas also did a Photoshop of ‘Risky Business’ to drive Nick’s point home better. Like in their song ‘Sucker’, Nick and Priyanka featured in the poster together. Sophie, the ‘Game of Thrones’ star was all chills when it came to their turn with Joe. The duo decided to do it their way by breaking from the trend of the 80s movies. They instead went for the 1978’s ‘Grease.’ Joe’s pink socks and the end of Sophie’s skirt reveal they are playing the Danny and Sandy of the prom dance.

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The ‘Strangers Things’ Mathew Modine also featured a lot in the video. The Jonas Brothers, along with their wives, are making another classic hit a year after their comeback. They stormed back from their six-year silence on March 1, 2019, when they also stirred up their fans with the ‘Sucker.’ The three brothers seem to have found the creativity to light up their fans in their comeback style. In the ‘Sucker,’ they display wild and colorful choices of fashion, to fit the Victorian times.

Jonas Brothers performing
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In the video, going big or go home seems to be their new motivation, as the three- guy band rock in a lavish castle. The ladies seem to dance to the same tune as they jam along with their ‘men’ in enormous designer gowns. The music is somewhat unique as the ladies take the roles as the leading players in the entire video. Sophie lets out her dancing moves for Joe while Priyanka is cozied to her fiancé’s microphone. In the arms of Kelvin twirls Danielle.

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