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'Jersey Shore' Star JWoww Shares Cute Snow Day Videos With Her Son

Gettyimages | Brian Ach
By Clark Sparky

Every kid loves a snow day and Jenni "JWoww" Farley's son, three-year-old Greyson, is no exception. The "Jersey Shore" star shared a couple videos to her Instagram account of the two of them enjoying the recent winter wonderland.

"Can’t wait for another snow day with Greyson!" Farley captioned the post.

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"He looks like he had so much fun! He’s so adorable!!" one fan wrote.

"My favorite part of working in daycare was the kids experiencing snow for the first time, twice! Looking out the window as an infant is one thing but the next year when they can talk about it, walk in it, touch it and EAT it is even more amazing!" another said.

"I love greyson! He's adorable. He's got such a positive outlook on every day things. He reminds me of my son. Your such a great momma!!" a third replied.

Farley has been very open about Greyson's autism diagnosis last year. He was previously declared non-verbal, but through various treatments he's made big improvements.

"He has the best therapists," she said to Us Weekly. "He’s in four or five different therapies, but he is just kicking ass. Every day gets better. Every day he’s learning something new... It went from, he didn’t know one word or understand a word in September to now, it’s March and he’s combining two, three-word sentences. [He does] sign language. He knows his colors, his numbers."

Gettyimages | Jim Spellman

They still have some difficult days with Greyson. Around Christmas, JWoww posted about a rough night he had.

"My sweet [Greyson] took 45 minutes to calm down tonight... all because I didn't pick him up in the exact spot he needed me to and he couldn't continue the night unless I did," Farley wrote on Instagram. "Lately, Greyson has been experiencing OCD tendencies. Not sure if they are related to his ASD or just overlap. He cannot continue anything until it's redone the way he wants. Whether it's dressing himself, making his own drinks, or walking a certain way... it has to be 'Greyson do.' It's fine sometimes, but as his mom I have to break him of these habits before it affects him socially."

"Sometimes it takes 5 seconds... sometimes it takes an hour. Every time breaks my heart but I'll never give in," she continued. "If I give in, he will just up the level next time. One day he will learn and grow up to be an incredible adult. Until then, mama will be right by your side helping your every step. So Greyson, hoping one day you will read this and know Mommy never gave up."

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