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Mike Baxter looks handsome in this up-close picture of him in his baseball outfit.

Mike Baxter Encourages Wife To Go For A Political Post

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Michael Joseph Baxter was born in Whitestone, New York on December 7, 1984. He is popularly known as an ex-professional baseball outfielder who retired to become a hitting coach and recruiting coordinator. Presently, Baxter works for his Alma Mater, Vanderbilt University. Growing up in Queens, New York, Baxter had to choose between chasing his dreams or chasing something else. Obviously, he picked the right choice and became one of the best baseball players in the world. Today, Baxter is a receiver of several accolades in the sports world.

Mike Baxter raising his hand to depict victory in this photo is everything you need to see for a good day.
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Baxter first attended St. Luke Parish School, and proceeded to Archbishop Molloy HighSchool, where he graduated in 2002. After graduation, Baxter went on to the University of Colombia. In 2004, the 35-year-old became one of the players at collegiate summer baseball and this is where his love for the game began. By 2005, Baxter was already recognized for his amazing g talent and was selected to join the San Diego Padres after an amateur entry draft took place. From 2005 to his year of retirement, Baxter showed that he was an exemplary athlete in everything he did.


Although the Baxter family is surrounded by sports, the narrative is about to change with his wife, Vanessa running for a political post. Baxter is encouraging his wife to run for office and he is not sorry!

During a television comedy series titled "Last Man Standing." Tim Allen made a suggestion that somehow stuck with the Baxters. He mentioned that Baxter's wife should find something to do with her extra time, and that is when he mentioned politics.

Want to know how it all went down? Find out below.


During "The Office," Vanessa was furious because she had no idea why she needed to start a tutoring business. However, Carol mentioned to her that it was a great idea because most kids were faced with poor teachings at school. Mike decided to get an office space for his wife, but her reaction to it showed that she did not buy the idea.

Later on, Mike engaged Vanessa in the office and encouraged her to run for state assembly. When he mentioned the idea, Vanessa laughed it off because she had no idea why he would suggest such a thing.


"Well, you have a passion for kids. I know you can make a difference." Mike said.

Hearing this, Vanessa was quick to remind him that he was a political critic and virtually hated everything about the government. Mike admitted to this, but he mentioned that the only way capitalism would work, is if it happens in a functioning democracy.

After a while, Vanessa seemed to be into the idea, but she did not give him a response.

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